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  May 3, 2017

  February 2, 2017

  1. Welcome and Introductions:
    Art Ovalle, President Jeff Woodward, Vice President Harry Shepler, Treasurer Everett Price, Secretary
  2. Recognition and Guest Speaker:
    • The Parker at Huntington Metro – 2550 Huntington Avenue, Alexandria, VA. 22303
      Art expressed appreciation for allowing use of the party room for the meeting.
    • Capital Investment Advisors – 2560 Huntington Avenue, Alexandria, VA. 22303 Art expressed appreciation for providing parking accommodations next door for meeting attendees.
    • Fairfax County Police Crime Prevention Officer Robert “Bubba” Urps made the following remarks:
      • Since December 1st, no major incidents reported in area
      • Armed robberies have taken place recently on Rt. 1 further south, below our police service area (PSA)
      • Huntington’s neighborhood watch coordinator stepped down because he’s moving but the community should not let the initiative die
      • Huntington is located in police service area (PSA) 200, which runs along the creek, to Rt 1, down to Lockheed Blvd, and up Telegraph Rd; this is one of the busiest PSAs in terms of calls for service
      • There will be a neighborhood watch training session on Tuesday, February 28th at 7pm at the Mt Vernon District Station—all are encouraged to attend
      • The Police Department encourages a passive neighborhood watch approach in which community members serve in the positions of coordinator and backup coordinator; community members can text or email complaints to the coordinators; the coordinators refer major problems to the police
      • The Police Department currently meets minimal staffing requirements, which is one officer per PSA
      • Community members can consider volunteering for the Auxiliary Police Force or Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS); Auxiliary officers go through the academy—there are four auxiliary police officers in the Mt Vernon district; auxiliaries do not carry side arms but have shotgun; auxiliaries must pass a background check; they handle minor complaints to free up officers to handle major ones; auxiliaries get free car tax; there is no age limit to serve
      • See sheet posted to website for ways to receive information about police activity; signing up for Next Door is strongly encouraged
      • Community members can also consider joining the Citizens Advisory Committee that liaises with police; there will be a Committee meeting on February 14th at the Mt Vernon District Station where the Police Department will deliver the State of the Highway Address, reviewing major issues in the area
      • Biggest complaint in past six months was parking enforcement; the old parking enforcement officer retired and complaints got to the point that the Police Department supervisor authorized overtime and complaints stopped; efforts are still underway to hire a replacement parking enforcement officer
      • Officer Urps is the only crime enforcement officer in Mt Vernon District
      • Concerning speeding on Huntington Ave: VDOT handles speed control technology; if community members want such measures installed they should contact Allison Miser (spelling?), VDOT liaison, in Supervisor Dan Storck’s office
      • Vehicle larceny, called “car-hopping” (moving from car to car testing for unlocked doors), is the biggest crime in the area; community members should always lock car doors, take keys and valuables into the house
  3. HCA Committee Reports:
      Mount Vernon Council of Community Associations (MVCCA)
    • General Council meeting – Art Ovalle
      • Discussion of North Hill, the wooded section past Beacon Hill toward Hybla on the left, near Lockheed Ave., across from Denny’s
      • North Hill development plan calls for combination of town houses and low-cost housing
      • Discussion of transportation dimensions of project: consistent with the Embark Project that seeks to improve transportation along Rt 1, there is a plan under discussion for a possible bus pull-in/pull-out lane near North Hill; the bus lane faces uncertain prospects
      • Discussed and voted on various issues, including whether to bury utilities
      • Need new chair for public safety committee, although committee meets same night as HCA—talk to Art or David Spears if interested
      • AirBnB: no legislation this year because there is no agreement on what to do about the issue
      • Airplane noise: several groups were present that are working to minimize aircraft over our neighborhood
      • Planning and Zoning - Ray Novitske
      • No meeting this month; last month’s meeting took place since last HCA community meeting
      • Cell phone tower approved for across from Montebello; existing pole will be extended up to 50 ft
    • Transportation - Jeff Woodward
      • Regarding North Hill discussion (see above): VDOT doesn’t like bus pull-in/pull-outs because it makes it difficult for buses to reenter traffic; transportation committee voted to reconsider pull-in/pull-out lane near North Hill, which would be located after light
      • New, stricter definition for commercial vehicle is being considered that would facilitate parking enforcement
      • A chairman is needed for the Transportation Committee—please consider volunteering
    • Environment and Recreation - Alan Ruof
      • Discussion about new housing at Ft Belvoir that has been under construction for years
      • Ft Belvoir housing is not just for army or people who work on Ft Belvoir; can house people who work at different locations and in all branches of service; intent is to try to pull them out of the housing market to free up housing for others
      • Historic boundary/berm from George Washington’s Mt Vernon estate discovered during construction
      • Huntington Levee Update – Alan Ruof
      • Fairfax County will provide an update on the levee at a public meeting on Thursday, March 9, 2017, at 6:30 p.m., at the Martha Washington Library, located at 6614 Fort Hunt Road in Alexandria.  As the project begins construction, the project manager will provide an overview, discuss the project’s status, and share upcoming construction steps.
      • A public groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for Thursday, March 23, 2017, at 10 a.m. The ceremony will be held at Huntington Park, at the end of Liberty Drive.
      • As of my January 26 call with Aaron Koch, the construction management plan had not yet received final approval—the deadline was February 5, so I believe approval has now been granted.
      • Fencing has been placed around the site.
      • Fairfax County had already approved delivering trailers, which have been elevated out of the flood plain, and utilities were being connected.  Archer Western, County and Arcadis staff will use the trailers.
      • Formal progress meetings have begun and will be held every two weeks onsite.
      • Urban Forestry identified trees to be saved or removed.
      • The County will regularly update the Huntington Levee website with construction photos to show progress.
      • The Farrington Park permit is taking a little longer than expected but there are no real issues.  The park will likely be open by the beginning of April at the latest.
      • Community members at the HCA meeting discussed the destruction of Huntington Park playground, basketball courts, and baseball diamond; our area is underserved by public recreational facilities
      • The levee area will be accessible with trails, but there will be no baseball diamond, basketball court, or playground
      • Community could push for linking up bike trail at eastern end of levee with other trails to make recreation more pleasant and avoid having to use Huntington Ave.
      • Some community members have registered complaints about levee-related big black containers in cul-de-sac on Metro View; cones or other reflective objects need to ensure people do not hit them
    • Health and Human Services - Vacant
    • Education - Caitlin Wilson
      • 2017 Budget - No budget until County passes budget in week or two, then School budget will become clear and School Board will go through theirs
      • Not much of an increase in property tax foreseen so budget is likely to look similar to last year’s
      • Step increases for teachers considered; would cost about $44 million; committee decided to make the recommendation to ensure competitiveness; starting pay in this county is lower than in surrounding counties, although there is more money in Fairfax County teachers’ pensions
      • Development Impact on Schools
      • iscussion of impact of Embark development plan on schools; how will new condos and housing units increase strain on school system?
      • Expansion planned for West Potomac; discussion of new schools and/or redistribution of students
      • Broader discussion of pyramid distribution across county (pyramids are groupings of elementary, middle, and high schools)
    • Budget and Finance – Alan Ruof
      • Christoph Schmid volunteered to be representative; no official meeting held
    • Neighborhood Watch - Vacant. Apollos Hill is moving out of area
  4. New Business/Action Items
    • Huntington Community Center Fire
    • June reopening envisioned
    • March Huntington Community Center Meeting - Date and Location
      Date/Time/Location for March meeting to be determined
    • Covanta Recycling Center fire in the Mount Vernon District kept Supervisor Storck very busy last week; Storck wants to come to address HCA, probably at April meeting
    • Former WMATA Police Sub-Station
      • Stout and Teague owns property now, very responsive to concerns about state of disrepair
      • Original demolition schedule delayed, but now demolition scheduled for the week of
      • Farmers market to expand into the area freed up by sub-station demolition
      • No plan as of right now to develop the property
    • Light Pole Outages - Top of Hill Near Huntington Metro
      • Underground line was cut in 2008 to street lights in the vicinity, but there is no intention to repair the line
      • Concern about absence of sub-station and lack of lighting that could create unsafe conditions
      • Questions put to community members: How can we improve lighting/visibility in the area around the metro station? Do we want to clear trees? Connect the sidewalk, which currently ends abruptly?
      • Street Light Outages on Huntington Avenue, Telegraph Road, and Eisenhower - Virginia Department of Transportation
      • Lights with yellow reflective letters/numbers are state/VDOT lights
      • VDOT recently fixed all lights along Telegraph Rd
    • 30th Annual Mount Vernon Town Meeting - February 4th
      • Congressmen Beyer and Connolly were there; both spoke about Trump immigration executive order and very little about local community
      • Quality Inn that burned down a year ago; Stork’s office trying to get it torn down, hitting owners with fines, tear down likely to take place soon, near Ft Belvoir
      • Riverside apartments on corner of Huntington and Rt 1: discussion of build huge parking garage and another tower, lots of landscaping to be done; this plan has been under consideration for 7-8 years and the current status is unclear; previously had wanted to change comprehensive plan but couldn’t do it, old plans available on the HCA website (http://www.huntingtononline.org/plans.htm#riverside)
      • County CFO did not have positive outlook on fiscal picture
      • Recycling center fire could have been prevented, according to Supervisor Storck
  5. Old Business/Updates
    • Farrington Avenue Dead Tree Issue – Farrington Place Condominiums
      • Contacted condo association, confirmed the tree is on their property
      • Condo Board meeting on Monday; board working on issue but not going to be fast fix
    • Former Sunoco Gas Station - 5928 Richmond Highway, Alexandria VA. 22303
      • Closed bid ending April 5th
      • Supervisor Storck will turn focus to Sunoco after Quality Inn issue is resolved
      • Discussed slapping fines on owners of property
      • Not much development potential (property not authorized to have direct access to Rt 1)
    • Huntington Club Condominiums – 2601 Indian Drive, Alexandria VA. 22303
      • Vote on sale of property to developer was supposed to happen in December but something delayed it
      • Annual meeting on February 26th and vote likely in April, 30 day voting period
      • May update expected
    • Wesley Housing Development Corporation – 2317 Huntington Avenue, Alexandria VA. 22303
      • A&R development next to 7-11; waiting on County for tax credits (should hear back in March/April)
      • Need to clear another state hurdle, update likely in May/June
    • Articles of Incorporation - David Sears
      We are incorporated, will turn papers into bank
    • Bylaws Update - David Sears
      Draft posted to HCA website last month, feel free to provide input: (http://www.huntingtononline.org/Bylaws-update.pdf)
      HCA Members will vote on the revised Bylaws at April HCA Meeting
  6. Upcoming Events, Topics, Guest Speakers:
    • Ides of Bark – Sunday, March 26th at Grist Mill Park
      Former Supervisor Hyland started this years ago, huge turnout, bring your dogs!
    • Huntington Farmers Market – May 2017
      Market looking to expand in the coming year
      Located off of North Kings Highway, in front of the former WMATA Police Sub-Station
    • Other Community Issues: Community association dues due ($10 payable in cash or check)
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  January 5, 2017

  1. Introductions
    Art Ovalle, President
    Jeff Woodword, Vice President
    Harry Shepler, Treasurer (not present)

  2. Action Items/Updates
    Election for Secretary: Everett Price elected Secretary by voice vote.

    Articles of Incorporation (David Sears): Harry Shepler and David have been working on articles of incorporations to incorporate the HCA. There is a new state requirement that the HCA must be incorporated in order to keep its bank account at Burke and Herbert. The work of drafting and submitting the articles of incorporation was done last spring and cost $75, paid for by the budget. The articles of incorporation are now approved and will be filed with the bank tomorrow to keep the bank account current.

    Bylaws (David Sears): HCA bylaws establish the HCA's rules for functioning, purpose, geographic boundaries, officer roles, etc. They were last updated in 2004.

    The HCA board has been working on updates for the past few months and a draft is ready for posting to the HCA website. Current bylaws can be found on the website as of now. The revised draft will be available for a month or two for public consideration and comment. Send comments to Art using email available on website (President@HuntingtonOnline.org). New draft will likely be taken up for adoption by HCA in March.

  3. HCA Committee Reports
    Mount Vernon Council of Community Associations (MVCCA) (David Sears): Nothing to report. Meeting held before Christmas with little attendance.

    Planning and Zoning (Ray Novitske): Last meeting in December. Most of discussion focused on North Hill development across from Taco Bell on Rt 1. All trees will be bulldozed. Development will feature affordable housing units and housing for elderly along Rt 1. Town houses at market price will be toward the back of the lot. Specific topics of discussion were location of a bus stop and road connections.

    Shopping center in Lee District near Zips has been razed. Initial developer went bankrupt but a replacement was found and the project appears to be back on track.

    Transportation (Jeff Woodward): Has not met in January yet. Metro board members will be available at a public meeting to discuss next steps on SafeTrack on Monday, January 30th, at 7pm at Durant Art Center in Old Town.v
    NVTC will be hosting two sessions in January pertaining to WMATA for a "discussion of the challenges and opportunities in getting Metro back on track". I've attached a "Save-the-Date" flyer so you can see what's up. Please note that Supervisor Hudgins will participate in both the Reston and Alexandria sessions.
    • Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at 7 p.m.
      Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce
      1886 Metro Center Drive, Suite 230
      Reston, Virginia

    • Monday, January 30, 2017 at 7 p.m.
      Durant Arts Center
      1605 Cameron Street
      Alexandria, Virginia

    Environment and Recreation (Alan Ruof): Meeting held last night. Discussion of burying utilities under Rt 1, which has been endorsed as a long-term objective. There was a proposal to implement this at the North Hill development (see above Planning and Zoning discussion). The utilities will be buried on the site but there is no money to do it for the utilities along Rt. 1 -- it would cost $1m to do the utilities along Rt 1. They cannot support the cost and still manage to make the intended affordable housing affordable. Some have argued that as a development featuring County participation, the property should set an example for following the long-term development plans and guidelines.

    Around Mt Vernon Rec Center there are 80 acres of forest where people over the years have formed a network of so-called "social trails" by traveling between local destinations. The Park Authority discovered erosion caused by paths that point directly downhill and the gradual widening of paths built on level ground as pedestrians step around puddles of growing size. Additionally, informal mountain bike jumps were discovered. The Park Authority partnered with a local mountain biking organization to rebuild the trails in a more sustainable manner. The project will not turn the trails into a mountain biking destination (no jumps, no parking area), just better trail routes.

    Levee update: Today Fairfax County gave notice to proceed on the levee project to the Archer Western Construction Company.  (Walsh Construction is their parent company.)  While the levee bid was for a general contractor, Archer Western does their own concrete, earthwork, and mechanical work (as opposed to using subcontractors).  That gives the County a high level of confidence that Archer Western can control the quality of the work. They seem very qualified -- they've previously built both a levee and pump station (part of pre-qualification requirements for all bidders). I did a web search and found the Army Corps selected them in 2009 to work on a complex joint project to improve the New Orleans East Back Levee, which is over 5 miles long and includes two pump stations -- the work was completed in about 2 years, and included deep soil mixing to improve the levee foundation, and widening and increasing the levee height from 14 to 28 feet.

    The County requires Archer Western to provide a construction management plan before breaking ground.  However, before granting final approval to the plan, the County is allowing Archer Western to bring in 40 truckloads of crushed stone, beginning as soon as next week.  The trucks will turn onto Farrington Avenue from Huntington, then turn right, and then turn left on Liberty.  The stone will be placed at the end of Liberty Drive, by the ball field, which is where Archer Western will be staging trailers.  Trucks driving on this route is the exception, not the rule.  Once the construction management plan is approved, Archer Western can build the primary access road that runs from Metroview Parkway along Cameron Run, which is where almost all construction traffic will run.

    Archer Western wants to move and be aggressive with the schedule. In general (and subject to change), the work will proceed as follows: erect fencing around the project perimeter (at which time Huntington Park will be closed -- probably within a month), build the road from Metroview Parkway along Cameron Run, build the pump station, do utilities, then do earthwork.

    The County has set out responsibilities for two onsite supervisors.  The County has approved Arcadis to perform construction administration services and supply a full-time supervisor.  There also will be a full-time County supervisor, and several inspectors—so there will always be at least two people and as many as four on-site (other than Archer Western personnel).

    Farrington Park: The County is still working through a few minor permit issues with Farrington Park -- they have purchased equipment and have a separate contractor -- they should break ground by end of January. Overlap of unavailability of Huntington and Farrington playgrounds should not last for very long.

    Q&A on levee update: The bond for the levee was $30 million in 2012. The construction bid was $40 million. The County was required to accept the lowest responsible bid. The $10 million difference will be covered by the dedicated storm water tax, something along the lines of approx. $3m for 3 years taken from that fund.

    Project is scheduled to take 2 years from start to finish. Exceptional weather could cause delays.

    Health and Human Services Committee: HCA does not currently have a dedicated volunteer for this committee and is open to volunteers.

    Education (Caitlin Wilson): Meeting cancelled last night.

    Budget and Finance (Alan Ruof): Unable to attend meeting last night.

    Neighborhood Watch: Representative not present.

  4. Plan for upcoming events
    Fairfax County police liaison officer (Bubba Urps) or representative will attend February meeting.

  5. Community Concerns
    This week there was a crime scene in front of Ray Novitske's house. Ray found a plumbing van blocking his driveway. Turns out the van had been stolen overnight and left in front of house. Police were already on the scene investigating.

    A community member mentioned that her son received a $75 parking ticket within 15 minutes of parking to unload things from his car along Riverview Terrace. There was a discussion of certain houses that have a lot of cars parked along the street in this area that occupy parking spaces. This is a topic that can be discussed with our Fairfax County Police liaison officer Urps next month.

    The same community member shared that she recently joined the South Fairfax Development Corporation (SFDC). She will be doing volunteer work on the Rt 1 renovation project, specifically on a committee tasked with raising money to improve signage along the roadway. The aim is to improve signage along the lines of work that has been done in the Tyson's Corner area.

    HCA doesn’t deal with SFDC directly, but the MVCCA does. There was a proposal to give this new SFDC volunteer the floor every few months at the HCA meeting to provide updates.

    Discussion of monitoring compliance with County codes: Touched off by talk of extra cars parked on local roads, there was a discussion of county codes governing the number of occupants allowed in a single home and other issues. There is a County website for making complaints about perceived violations of County codes, such as those governing numbers of home occupants. The County is generally very responsive to these complains and will dispatch someone to look into the merits of the complaint and get back to you. The County code restricts the number of home occupants by number of bedrooms, and includes other provisions about familial relations.

    David: There was a brief discussion of a house in the neighborhood that is in a state of disrepair and is affecting the hygiene and pest situation in adjoining home. Adjoining home informed HCA that they are contacting County and County will investigate. The County code allows for mechanisms to address structural issues with houses, not aesthetic ones.

    HCA in the past had a county code inspection team. The team operated about 15 years ago to report compliance problems in the community. At the time, the County trained interested volunteers and HCA set up 2-4 people inspection team looking for obvious issues by walking down streets. The HCA inspection team would make 30-day notice to home occupants and then, barring action, make complaints to the County. The vast majority of people who were notified of potential violations addressed the violations promptly. No repercussions reported on people involved in inspection team. County and sheriff would address any problems along these lines.

    Inoperable vehicles are a continuing problem. For everyone’s awareness, every vehicle "garaged" in County must have valid tags -- state tags and inspection stickers. Inspection teams in the past would address these issues.

    County enforcement mechanisms to address violations are unclear but appear to be limited. There is an abandoned house on Fifer, for instance, that has been a problem for years and is getting worse everyday. This house has been reported numerous times to the County.

  6. Conclusion & Continuation of Community Concerns

    Art: See something, say something. Need to create paper trail about perceived violations. If there is no action after several inquiries, then we can try to elevate issues.
    Art: Personal goals:
    • Raise attendance. Art sits on board at Midtown apartment complex and got okay from the Midtown board to advertise the HCA in Midtown. Looks forward to encouraging residents of HCA area to put out flyers and tell neighbors about the HCA. Open to other ideas for raising awareness about HCA and will investigate additional social media options. Plans to send agenda out on the Monday of the meeting to provide awareness of topics of interest.
    • Get abandoned Sunoco gas station leveled (corner of Huntington and Rt. 1).
    • Address lighting issues. Hopes to get volunteers to start reporting issues. Dominion willing to provide representative to turn in complaints, rather than going through website. Dim lights can also be reported in addition to burnt out lights.
    • Possibly organize joint National Night Out between Huntington/Parker and Midtown, with Midtown contributions.
    • Organize backups/alternates for committees. Art going to main MVCCA council meetings and can also attend Budget and Finance because Environment & Recreation overlaps with that meeting. Perhaps people could attend committees on a rotating basis to share the burden.
    A member of the community raised the issue of a problem with trash at the end of Biscayne. This area is supposed to be maintained several times a year. These issues should be raised in emails to Art.

    Quarterly neighborhood cleanups will continue.

    No updates on Lennar development. Parker still at less than 75% occupancy. Plan to request update from Lennar at future meeting.

    A community member raised a problem with bad lighting and jaywalking pedestrians near the metro station on Huntington. This is a good topic to discuss with Officer Urps next month.

    A community member raised the problem of no crosswalk sign for crosswalk near auto shops. There is no wheelchair apron so County will not put a sign. There has been no sign posted in response to this community member's calls.

    Give membership fees to Jeff. $10 a year on calendar year. Use money to pay for articles of incorporation, mailbox, and membership of MVCCA. Membership gives residents the right to vote on matters in the HCA, but meetings are open to non-members. Make checks payable to HCA or pay cash.

    A community member mentioned that she had reported a large, old oak dropping limbs on the condominium property on Farrington Ave. to the County Supervisor. Supervisor’s office said they would get back to the resident after talking to management company but the resident has not heard back in a few weeks. Last communication in December. Other community members agreed that the tree was large, dead, and a danger to cars and pedestrians. Art offered to call directly the Farrington Community management company and requested that the concerned community member email him concerning the issue.

    Meeting adjourned at 8:41.

    The next HCA meeting will be held on Thursday, February 2, 2017 at 7:30pm.
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  November 3, 2016

  1. Introductions a. David Sears, President b. Jeff Woodward, Vice President c. Harry Shepler, Treasurer d. Theresa Woo, Secretary

  2. Updates

    A levee update meeting happened 26 Oct. We may see progress as early as Feb/March, with the project still scheduled to finish in Spring 2019. See the website for meeting minutes: http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/dpwes/huntingtonlevee/

    HCA will have an Election Day booth at the Community Center. The polls will be open 6am-6pm. Contact Harry if you can help man the HCA booth for 1-2 hrs during the day.

    Our state application for Articles of Incorporation is still pending.

    We're updating the HCA Bylaws. Initially passed in 2003, they need revision. The current bylaws are posted on the HuntingtonOnline.org website. HCA officers will draft a new version and post it to the website by February where members may review it for several weeks before we discuss and vote on it at a monthly meeting.

  3. Huntington Club development update by Ross Irwin:

    The Preliminary Master Plan is 3.5 FAR (FAR is floor area ratio, the relationship between the total amount of usable floor area that a building has – or has been permitted - and the total area of the lot on which the building stands. A higher ratio indicates greater population density than a lower number. Local governments use FAR for zoning codes.) It includes the county's requirement for commercial space.

    IDI Group is the developer (they have experience in the neighborhood, having built the Montebello condos). Mr. Carlos Cecchi spoke to the plan details.

    The Club's terrain varies 144 feet in elevation, is bounded by Huntington Avenue and North Kings Highway, and has one central plant supporting the water and sewage system. The new plan has 6 Land Bays: A: terraced townhouses; B: a high-rise / low-rise rental building with retail on the bottom and a cafe at the entrance on Huntington Ave; C: a 5-story condo facing North Kings Highway; D: a 5-story condo facing North Kings Highway; E/F: high rise condos (similar to Montebello); G: Office/Hotel (commercial component).

    The plan is to market and develop bays concurrently. There is green space designed throughout. Access points will change from what is there currently. Regarding parking, townhomes will have their own spots/garages; Land Bay B will have a retail parking garage; all other bays will have parking underneath the buildings.

    Timeline: 2-3 years before breaking any ground; 2-3 years per build out projects; 5 years to retail; 10 years to completion. Current # of residents: 364 units. Proposed after re-development: 1700 units.

    WSG Walnut Street Developers still owns a small parcel of land between Huntington Club and the metro; the development plan accommodates this parcel.

    IDI is not at a stage to consider proffers yet. Storm water retention/management should be improved significantly by the redevelopment but the details haven"t been worked out yet. IDI specializes in building multi-building communities and has extensive experience managing and limiting disruption to current residents.

  4. HCA Committee reports:

    MVCCA: The Mount Vernon Council of Community Associations
    The General Council meeting (David Sears attended) hosted a Stormwater Management presentation – see the website for more info: http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/dpwes/stormwaterordinance/.

    The Planning and Zoning meeting (Ray Novitske) passed a resolution stating MVCCA's opposition to a proposed state law restricting local regulation of short-term rentals. Also, on 18 Oct the Board of Supervisors approved a Comprehensive Plan amendment for Lennar's proposed development on Metroview Parkway (changing the zoning from commercial only to residential, as HCA had requested/supported back in September).

    The Transportation sub-committee (Jeff Woodward) had an update to neighborhood concerns about the safety of the Huntington Metro station. During the summer HCA brought to MVCCA's attention the concerns of many Huntington residents that the metro station was unsafe, poorly lighted, dirty, and poorly-maintained. MVCCA complained to WMATA and also notified Supervisor Storck. WMATA replied with vague assurances that management was looking into the complaints. MVCCA and Supervisor Storck will continue to press Metro for specific action to clean up and police the station. In short, so far Metro has detailed more police to watch the station. Supposedly this has led to a decrease in garage thefts, etc. but we haven't seen the statistics yet. Metro is also looking into changing traffic markings and pedestrian walks, and introducing more lights to increase pedestrian safety. At the next meeting, Jeff will bring to the committee's attention numerous reports of Fairfax Commuter buses not respecting pedestrian traffic.

    The Environment and Recreation subcommittee (Alan Ruof) discussed a Comprehensive Plan amendment for the development of North Hill (concerns about a park, access points, water runoff, etc.) This development plans to include mixed affordable- and workforce-housing, including green space. It is close to Huntley Meadows park so E&R is closely monitoring the development to try to limit any negative effects on the preserve.

    Also, a mineral oil sheen in Dyke Marsh was traced to Dominion Power; they will pay compensation to the county for the damage. Finally, E&R passed a resolution in favor of a house on stilts in New Alexandria. (This was a house in a flood plain whose owner wanted to re-build. He proposed putting it on stilts and MVCCA approves.)

    The Health and Human Services subcommittee has no Huntington representative so we have no report on its activities. If anyone in Huntington wants to volunteer to represent us there, please notify one of the HCA officers via the website.

    The Education subcommittee (John Syphrit reported for Caitlin Wilson) reports that its meetings are open to all. The next meeting (7 Dec, at 8pm) will be held jointly with the Budget committee to talk about FCPS's FY18 finances. It will take place in the Community Room of the Mount Vernon Government Center (across from Whitman Middle School).

    Budget and Finance (Alan Ruof) had nothing of interest this month.

    Neighborhood Watch (Apollos Hill): The police are investigating recent reports of car break-ins on streets near the Metro.

    Also, the next Citizen Advisory Committee meeting will be on Tuesday, 8 Nov at the Mount Vernon District Station, located at 2511 Parkers Lane. Meetings are open to the public and held the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm in the station community room. The guest speaker on 8 Nov will be Mr. Dean Sherick from the Fairfax County Office of Emergency Management. His topic will be "Preparing our Community for the Unexpected."

    On Halloween night someone robbed the 7-Eleven just after midnight. Also, at the same strip mall at about 8:30pm that evening, a black male assaulted two pedestrians and robbed one. The police responded but as far as we know did not arrest anyone. HCA has requested an increase in police presence along Huntington Avenue.

  5. Annual meeting business

    Harry Shepler presented the 2017 Annual Budget for approval. HCA expenses include a Post Office box ($200/yr), MVCCA membership $130/yr, Fairfax Federation membership ($40/yr); a website $120/yr; and Incorporation fees ($25). Our membership fee is $10/yr and will stay that amount in 2017.

    We voted to approve the budget and membership dues for 2017. The vote passed unanimously.

    We took nominations and seconds, and then and voted to elect HCA officers for 2017 HCA officers. Mr. Art Ovalle was elected President by a vote of 20 yeas, 0 nays. Mr. Jeff Woodward was elected to another term as Vice-president (20 yeas, 0 nays). Mr. Harry Shepler was elected to another term as Treasurer (20 yeas, 0 nays).

    We did not elect a Secretary at the meeting since there were no nominations. However, someone did express interest later so we will re-address the matter and vote quickly on that position at the January meeting.

  6. Upcoming events

    November: 5 Nov (Saturday) we'll have a neighborhood cleanup! Meet in the Old Chicago's parking lot @ 10am. Bring a rake, broom, gloves, garbage bags, or just two hands. We"ll focus on Huntington Avenue unless we get enough volunteers to spread out to other areas of the neighborhood.

    December: Christmas potluck!

  7. Other community issues: The Police Non-Emergency phone number is: (703) 691-2131.
Finally, the next HCA meeting will be a Christmas potluck on Thursday, 1 Dec, at 7:30pm. This is a bring-a-dish (hot or cold) buffet-type social event - there will be no business planned.
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  October 6, 2016

  1. Introductions
    • David Sears, President
    • Jeff Woodward, Vice President
    • Harry Shepler, Treasurer
    • Teresa Woo, Secretary
  2. Updates
      Thanks to Laverle Berry who worked with Dominion Power to get a new street light installed on the corner of Mount Vernon Drive and Huntington Avenue.
    • The HCA Articles of Incorporation have still not gotten through the cumbersome bureaucracy of the State of Virginia. The Articles used to be a formality but are now required for the HCA to have an association bank account (which stores our member dues and pays for MVCCA and Fairfax Federation memberships).
    • The neighbors on Liberty Drive who petitioned the zoning board to have chickens were successful. The couple obtained 130 signatures on a petition to keep their 5 hens.
    • The Community Center hosted a Family Night Out / spaghetti dinner on Monday, 26 Sep.
  3. Southeast Fairfax Development Corporation (SFDC) representative Dan Lagana
    • Mr. Lagana is a Huntington resident who graciously agreed to speak to the HCA to inform us of the SFDC mission and activities.
    • SFDC is a 501(c)3 charter organized by the county in 1975 to market and facilitate commercial development in the Richmond Highway corridor. SFDC is tasked with re-vamping community business centers.
    • Areas serviced: Penn Daw, Huntington, Beacon Hill, Hybla Valley / Gum Springs, South County, Woodlawn
    • Over the years, Route 1 has seen the 2nd highest amount of economic development in Fairfax County.
    • South end development includes high-tech jobs attracted by Ft. Belvoir.
    • North end demand has come in part from National Harbor
    • Low interest rates have encouraged a lot of construction, strong traffic flow, concentration of density, and a need for affordable housing
    • The EMBARK Project
    • Embark is a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line coming to Route 1 over the next several years
    • It will extend from Huntington Metro to Ft. Belvoir; 9 stops (including stops at Beacon Hill and Hybla Valley)
    • Expected to be completed by 2028
    • County still has to buy up a lot of land
    • North Hill project
    • Multi-family building, tiered for affordable housing, 50% units at 60% median income, partially financed by sale of townhomes on the land
    • Penn Daw
    • The developer has purchased the land and the plan had been approved to go before the Board of Supervisors
    • Pizza Hut, Tae Kwon Do, Title Max, Wendy's are already gone
    • 300-unit multi-family unit
    • The "old bowling alley"
    • Combined (owner/developer) plans to build townhomes in back of lot and multi family units in front
    • Proffer conditions have mandated the inclusion of a specialty grocer. This was supposed to be Fresh Market but they pulled out so the developer is trying to find a different grocer.
    • The abandoned Sunoco station
    • The HCA made clear to Mr. Lagana that this is one of our biggest grievances
    • Mr. Lagana will look into whether there is an abandoned building ordinance
  4. Meals tax
    • The MVCCA hosted a forum on 28 Sep where people for and against the new County tax argued their positions.
    • AirBnB
    • Fairfax County has heard from communities saying Air BnB is a problem in their neighborhoods. HCA surveyed Huntington residents and found no complaints or issues with the business here.
    • The County is considering regulating Air BnB the same way it regulates regular b&b's and small hotels.
  5. Levee update
    • The next Levee Update Community meeting will be on October 26, at 6:30 PM in the Huntington Community Center.
    • Still in bidding period, which has been extended until October 6 at the request of the bidders
    • The engineers have received a wetlands permit from the Corps of Engineers.
    • Building and site permits from County - all issues resolved, just waiting on paperwork
    • Purchasing mitigation credits for stream and wetlands
    • Continuing with Envision (sustainability rating) process and documentation
    • Continuing to work on a permit to use soil from Norman Cole Pollution Control Plant in Lorton
    • Ongoing coordination with utilities; relocating some services that run through the park; power to Riverfront small pump station must be re-routed
    • Interviewing on-site engineers
  6. HCA Committee monthly committee meeting reports:
    • MVCCA: The Mount Vernon Council of Community Associations
    • General Council meeting was on 28 Sep. David was out of town and unable to attend; no one else from HCA attended.
    • Planning and Zoning sub-committee (Ray Novitske)
    • Lennar project: review of the Sep 16 Planning Commission hearing
    • A New Alexandria resident requested to re-build his house in the flood plain (on stilts). The Planning Commission supported the request.
    • Huntington Club - presented latest plans for their redevelopment; developer on board; building the project in phases; low-rise townhouses (west side), midtown condos/apts (along Huntington Ave and along Kings Highway; retail commercial on ground floor; high-rise units in middle of property, high-rise business/hotel (adjacent to station); first phase would be townhouses, last phase would be commercial high-rise
    • AirBnB has lobbied Virginia legislators to prevent local regulation of their business. The Planning sub-committee passed a resolution saying it was in favor of maintaining a local community's right to regulate AirBnB.
    • Transportation (Jeff Woodward)
    • River Towers Buildings (Belleview) shifted 3 inches on Sunday; building was evacuated
    • Updates on the North Hill project
    • Environment and Recreation (Alan Ruof)
    • Lennar project
    • Health and Human Services
    • Education (Caitlin Wilson) subcommittee
    • September's meeting discussed the proposed meals tax
    • There was also a presentation by the County Special Education Office - 25,000 students who receive SE services
    • Budget and Finance (Alan Ruof)
    • Neighborhood Watch (Apollos Hill)
    • There has been talk of a "rash" of car break-ins in Huntington. Officer Urps has detectives investigating the incidents.
  7. Nominations for 2017
    • Anyone current on HCA dues can make or receive nominations for board positions
    • Elections for 2017 officers will take place at the November 3rd HCA meeting
    • David described the duties of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. He then opened the floor for nominations. No one volunteered.
    • Nominations will continue at the Nov 3 meeting, followed by elections
  8. Upcoming events (topics, guest speakers)
    • November: 2017 nominations and elections
    • December: Christmas potluck
  9. Other community issues:
    • There will be an HCA booth/table at the Community Center on Election Day. The purpose will public outreach and membership recruiting.
    • The Police Non-Emergency phone number is: (703) 691-2131
The next HCA monthly meeting will be at 7:30pm on Thursday, 3 November.
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  September 1, 2016

  1. Introductions
    • David Sears, President (absent)
    • Jeff Woodward, Vice President
    • Harry Shepler, Treasurer
    • Teresa Woo, Secretary (absent)
  2. Lennar property update ("Huntington Crossing")
    • Lynne Strobel and John Malone, representing the developers, provided a brief overview of the project. They clarified that their objective at this time is to gain an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan that will allow residential (versus commercial) development of the site. They also reminded everyone that there is no final building design at this time; the design will change pending feedback from County staff, the Planning Commission, and the Board of Supervisors.
    • Many residents from Midtown and Huntington Station attended this meeting for the first time. Since they had not been at any of the previous three meetings HCA has held with Lennar over the last year, they expressed several concerns about the design of the property. Lennar indicated they are willing to return to the HCA at a later date to address those concerns, pending the results of the Public Hearings.
    • The two Public Hearings for this site are scheduled as follows:
    • Planning Commission - September 15, 2016 at 8:15 pm
    • Board of Supervisors - October 18, 2016 at 5 pm
    • Both meetings will be held in the Boardroom of the Fairfax County Government Center, 12000 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax, VA 22035.
    • Ken Sorenson and Megan Van Damm of the Fairfax County Planning and Zoning Staff presented their staff report (which is due 2 weeks before the hearing) and recommendations for the Lennar site. The planning staff does recommend this site for plan amendment. "Staff supports adding an option for residential use on the subject property if it is in a pattern that creates appropriate tapering of building height to the adjacent Huntington neighborhood. Retention of the existing Comprehensive Plan height guidance...is recommended." See the full Staff Report here: http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/dpz/comprehensiveplan/amendments/2014-iv-mv3.pdf
    • Lennar and County staff excused themselves from the meeting while residents discussed concerns regarding traffic, having a mixed-used building (commercial and residential), and effects on the school district, among other issues.
    • Jeff Woodward then proposed and led several "Sense of the Community" votes to gauge how Huntington feels about the development. The vote results will be used to present a formal Huntington position to organizations such as the Mount Vernon Council of Community Associations (MVCCA) and the Board of Supervisors.
    • Vote #1: "The Huntington Community is in favor of amending the Comprehensive Plan to allow re-zoning of the affected parcel of land from commercial to residential use." 16 for, 8 against
    • Vote #2: "The Huntington Community has concerns over the planned height of Lennar's development, and desires to maintain existing Comprehensive Plan height recommendations for any project constructed on the site." 15 for, 0 against
    • Vote #3: "The Huntington Community recommends height restrictions to be in line with those of The Parker development." 22 for, 0 against
  3. A&R development update
    • This site is located at the corner of Huntington Avenue and Biscayne Drive. A&R, the developer who has owned the site since at least 2008 and who did extensive planning and community outreach for several years to develop the property, is selling the project to Wesley Housing Development Corporation, 5515 Cherokee Ave, Ste 200, Alexandria, VA 22312.
    • Paul Browne, Wesley Vice-President for Real Estate, and Shelley Wesley, Wesley President/CEO, attended the meeting and presented an overview of both their company and their plans for the site.
    • Wesley Housing has deep roots in the county and provides affordable housing to residents making approximately $108,000 per year on average county-wide, and $68,000 per year in the Huntington area. Wesley Housing will be the developer as well as the end-use property manager.
    • Wesley Housing will buy the property from A&R and finance the purchase with tax credits and a loan from Fairfax County.
    • Their plan is to continue the project similar to the vision that A&R had already received approval for, including the same design, the same look and materials, and the same proffers. The site will include 126 apartment units (reduced from A&R's planned 139 units), 1.3 parking spaces per unit, retail on the ground floor (which is part of the already approved design), and retail parking inside the parking garage. The building will be 7 stories tall along Huntington Avenue then tapering to two stories tall on Glendale Terrace. There will be commercial space on the ground floor, parking above that, and then 5 residential floors.
The next HCA monthly meeting will be at 7:30pm on Thursday, 6 October.
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  August 4, 2016

Huntington Community Association Meeting, August 4, 2016
  1. Introductions
    • David Sears, President
    • Jeff Woodward, Vice President
    • Harry Shepler, Treasurer
    • Teresa Woo, Secretary
    • Congratulations to Theresa and Jae on the arrival of baby Parker!
  2. Updates to on-going issues
    • The National Night Out Ice Cream Social held on Tuesday, 2 Aug was a great success. Over 100 people turned out to eat ice cream, meet their neighbors, and talk to our police representatives. Thanks to The Parker for letting us use their lawn. HCA is already thinking about an October Halloween-themed get-together in the same location - maybe a Trick-or-Treat On the Lawn. Stay tuned.
    • Street light on upper Mount Vernon: Laverle Berry has led this effort to install a light on a currently dark corner. He turned in the required petition to the Fairfax County government; Fairfax has approved a light and turned the matter over to Dominion Power. Dominion has said it will take a few months.
    • HCA Articles of Incorporation: Harry Shepler has the application in to the state government and is waiting a reply.
    • Demolition of old Huntington Metro Police station
    • the building will be razed in the next two months but new development on the property is delayed for now due to market conditions
    • Metro sold the building to Huntington, LLC (Stout & Teague) who have the option to build a high-rise condo, office building, or hotel with retail space
  3. Lennar property ("Huntington Crossing")
    • History: Lennar wants to build a 364-unit apartment building behind Midtown. To move forward it needs an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan and a change in zoning from commercial to residential. HCA has concerns about the height and design of the building, as well as some other development-related issues such as traffic, pedestrian crossings, and greenspace. See http://huntingtononline.org/plans.htm.
    • Currently the Comprehensive Plan allows only a commercial building to be built with a maximum height of 45 feet. Lennar has requested re-zoning the property to allow residential building with an extension of the height to 75 feet.
    • HCA leaders and several residents of Fenwick Avenue met with County Planning Commission reps Ken Sorenson and Marianne Gardener on 27 Jul to discuss neighborhood concerns. HCA leaders will draft a letter to the Commission documenting those concerns. For now HCA does not support or oppose the project overall. HCA does support amending the Comprehensive Plan to allow the re-zoning to proceed but wants the 45-feet height restriction to remain.
    • At the 4 Aug HCA meeting, we discussed the project, displayed the latest drawings provided by the developer, and reviewed the 27 Jul meeting with the Planning Commission representatives.
    • An attendee who lives in the Midtown complex said he is very concerned about potential construction and that the developer has spoken to Midtown very little about it. HCA encourages Midtown to contact us so we can include their concerns in our discussions with Lennar and the Planning Commission.
    • HCA will hold a Sense-of-the-Community vote on the project at its next monthly meeting, to be held on 1 Sep 2016. To vote you must be a paid member of the HCA. (If you're not a current member, you can join on 1 Sep and pay the $10 dues.)
  4. Meals tax
    • The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors has agreed to allow a Meals Tax Referendum to be on the November ballot. The Meals Tax is a proposed additional 4% tax on all restaurants in the county (on top of sales tax). Proponents of a meals tax have pushed for it for twenty years but this is the first time the Board of Supervisors has allowed it to be on the ballot.
    • The Mount Vernon Council of Community Associations (MVCCA) will host a forum to discuss the tax on 28 Sep at the South County Center (8350 Richmond Highway). The forum is open to the public and will begin at 7pm, right before the monthly MVCCA General Council meeting. You are encouraged to come out, listen to the arguments for and against the tax, and make your opinion heard.
  5. AirBnB
    • Air BnB is a social media-driven short-term rental business where individuals can rent out their own properties, including their homes. The business has grown in Fairfax County. Many neighborhoods have complained about homes on their streets suddenly turning into hotels with increased traffic, noise, and strangers. There are Air BnB's in Huntington, though the HCA is not aware yet of any complaints. So far the business is unregulated.
    • The Virginia General Assembly is considering legislation to regulate Air BnB the same way it regulates small hotels and traditional bed-and-breakfast businesses. Although no legislation has passed yet, the Assembly and the MVCCA are asking communities to speak up and give their views on the issue. For example, what does Huntington think of having Air BnB in the neighborhood? What might be appropriate regulation of Air BnBs?
    • HCA will hold a Sense-of-the-Community vote on Air BnB at its next monthly meeting, to be held on 1 Sep 2016. To vote you must be a paid member of the HCA. (If you're not a current member, you can join on 1 Sep and pay the $10 dues.)
  6. Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) classes will begin in August and September
    • These are classes on basic emergency preparedness. Included are discussions of family emergency plans; go kits; emergency supplies for families and pets; proper use of fire extinguishers (including when not to use one); what to do after you call 911; hazardous materials recognition, and much more.
    • the next class will be at Fort Belvoir beginning 11 Aug, 2016; classes will be every Thursday evening from 6-9pm for eight weeks at the Outdoor Recreation Center (Bldg. 778) 10155 Johnston Rd.
    • the next class in the Mount Vernon/Alexandria area will be on Monday evenings (7-10 pm) at St. Louis Catholic School, 2901 Popkins Lane, Alexandria, VA beginning September 26, 2016.
    • For more information and to sign up for classes, go to www.fairfaxcountycert.org and follow the prompts (to register for a class, you will need to create an account in the Fairfax County Volunteer Management System). For more information, contact Jonathan Kiell (TEAMS@fairfaxcountycert.org).
  7. Levee update - Mr. Alan Ruof
    • The Army Corps of Engineers (CoE) has reviewed the levee plans and found they satisfy the requirements to remove the area it will protect from the flood plain, and has issued a Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR).  CoE will inspect the levee after construction and issue a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) to accredit it.
    • After an extensive review process, the site plan permit has been approved.
    • The Joint Permit from the VA Department of Environmental Quality and the Army Corps of Engineers, which is for the stream to the west of Fenwick Drive, should be issued in early August. 
    • Review of the 100% Construction Documents is complete.  Once the Joint Permit is issued, Fairfax County can issue the bid documents - this is expected in mid-August.  The county has already pre-qualified some large, experienced construction companies as bidders, which will streamline the process.  The bid process is 30 days, with extensions for questions and amendments as needed.  Bids should be received by mid-October at the latest.  The lowest bid will be selected; then the contract must be approved by the Board of Supervisors.  The target for construction to begin remains mid-January 2017.
    • There are still a few more permits to obtain: the Cameron Run right-of-way from VDOT, the building permit for the pump station, coordination with the County Bonds and Agreements office, and a site plan for the Lorton location that could be the source for soil to be used for the levee.
    • Fairfax County is negotiating with Arcadis to provide construction consulting services
  8. Other community issues
    • Someone pointed out that there are several lights out on the road at the top of Biscayne and Blaine, the road that runs from Montebello to the Metro station. Much discussion over who owns the road or is responsible for it. The person who brought up the issue (sorry, I missed his name) said he will call Dominion Power and report the specific pole numbers and let us know if they agree to come out and fix them.
    • Another person complained about the Biscayne steps and the Blaine footpath being overgrown with weeds. Although both areas have actually looked pretty good all summer, this is a complaint that pops up every now and then. The short answer is neither the County nor Metro will take responsibility for cleaning these areas so if Huntington wants them clean we have to do it ourselves. This is an easy one - all we need is for enough people to show up for the HCA clean-ups we do every 3-4 months.
  9. HCA Committee reports:
    • MVCCA: The Mount Vernon Council of Community Associations (www.mvcca.org): 27 Jul meeting
    • Meals tax meeting on 28 Sep, 7pm
    • Air BnB
    • Lennar development
    • Recommend people sign up for Supervisor Storck's newsletter, the Mount Vernon Advisor. Only 10 pages and some good local information. http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/mountvernon/mv_advisor.htm
    • Planning and Zoning (Ray Novitske)
    • Transportation (Jeff Woodward)
    • The George Washington Parkway has had an issue with overgrown vegetation but because it's a federal parkway Mount Vernon District has to work with federal authorities to solve the problem.
    • Aircraft noise: The Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (MWAA) Noise Working Group continues to work with many neighborhoods and agencies to find a solution to aircraft noise issues. See http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/mountvernon/mwaa-airport-noise-report.htm.
    • Laverle Berry reviewed what happened at the Embark Richmond Highway meeting last week. As a reminder, Embark Richmond Highway is a multi-year effort involving land use, transportation planning, design, and construction, which will result in a bus rapid transit system on dedicated lanes along Richmond Highway.
    • See http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/news2/embarking-on-the-future-of-richmond-highway/
    • Environment and Recreation (Alan Ruof)
    • A district-wide environmental agenda re-draft is in progress.
    • Health and Human Services
    • Education (Caitlin Wilson)
    • Budget and Finance (Alan Ruof)
  10. Plan for upcoming events (topics, guest speakers)
    • September: Lennar update w/ Sara Mariska; also, a Southeast Fairfax Development Corporation (SFDC) rep to attend and explain SFDC's mission (Jeff Woodward will follow up on this)
    • October: Clean-up; Trick or Treat event (details TBA); nominations for 2017 officers
    • November: Elections for 2017 officers
  11. Other
    • The Police Non-Emergency phone number is: (703) 691-2131
The next HCA monthly meeting will be at 7:30pm on Thursday, 1 September.
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  June 52 2016

Huntington Community Association Meeting - Thursday, June 2, 2016
  1. Meeting Minutes:
  2. Introductions
    • David Sears, President
    • Jeff Woodward, Vice President
    • Harry Shepler, Treasurer
    • Theresa Woo, Secretary
  3. Mosquito control
    • Fairfax County Health Department: Mrs. Lauren Lochstampfor, Environmental Health Specialist II, Disease-Carrying Insects Program
    • Email: Lauren.Lochstampfor@fairfaxcounty.gov
    • Phone: (703) 246-8779
    • We'll try to post Mrs. Lochstampfor's presentation to the website. In the meantime, below are the highlights.
    • Zika virus:
      • Prevention is key!
      •The mosquito that transmits the Zika virus is a "mosquito of containers" -- they NEED water to reproduce, therefore it is imperative to remove any/all standing water!
      •Lifecycle is 7-10 days--FAST! Can be even faster in warmer weather
      •Developmental stages 1 & 2 (larval and pupal stages) MUST occur in water….without water, the offspring will not survive
      •All mosquitos drink nectar. Females only take blood to prepare for laying eggs.
      •1952: 1st human case of Zika
      •2007: 1st major outbreak (Pacific Islands). Once it reached Brazil,the first cases of microencephalyin newborns of infected mothers wereobserved
      •2016: Most recent outbreak
      •1st case in VA was of a traveller (January)
      •Feb 16,2006: WHO declared a public emergency
      •Zikais transmitted from mosquito to person to mosquito…or person to person (sexual transmission)
      •Can also be transmitted through pregnant woman to fetus
      •Most children/adults do NOT show symptoms. Some experience mild fever, rash, arthralgia, conjunctivitis, muscle pain and headache. Most common symptom: rash
      •Still investigating how it actually effects people and fetuses
      •May be linked to Gilliam-Barré as well as microencephaly
      •No vaccine yet, but working on it
      •To treat symptoms, rest, fluids, Tylenol for fever and pain
      •Carried by the Asian Tiger mosquito (found here) as well as Yellow Fever mosquito (central, south America and along southern border of US)
      •Yellow fever mosquito, which transmits Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika, feeds off of multiple people instead of sitting and taking all in one sitting. Asian Tiger less so.
      •Asian tiger mosquito: ONLY lays eggs along edges of water. Larvae develop in water. Has a very short flight range, highly urbanized, active during daytime hours (unique), like to rest in vegetation and are attracted my CO2 emitted by humans, animals, etc.
      •There are 4 specialists in Fairfax Health Department actively working on spreading awareness but they need your help!!
      •How to prevent outbreaks?
      •Source reduction! (pick up litter, dump buckets, clean out gutters, etc)
      •Use of larval control if necessary (if transmission is seen in the local area, pending committee approval) - only to be done by county officials
      •Use repellents (ie. Permethrin can be sprayed on clothing to both repel and kill mosquitos)
      •Try and avoid being outside during peak biting times (dawn, dusk)
      •Use of pesticide (can be purchased at local hardware stores -Be sure to check the labels for stated efficacy against mosquitos and for proper use)
      •What habitats do NOT produce Asian tiger mosquitos
      •Storm drainage
      •Moving water
      •But… these habitats can harbor other disease-carrying insects
      •What else can you do?
      •Do your part from the start! (see preventive measures above)
      •Share this information with your neighbors - education and outreach is key
      •Dress to protect (long sleeves, long pants, socks and shoes, light colors…mosquitos love dark colors on light, loose layers, permethrin-treated clothing)
      •Look for active ingredients: DEET, Picaridin, IR3535 or oil of lemon eucalyptus
      •Always apply as directed
      •Don't spray on skin underneath clothing
      •If using sunscreen, apply sunscreen BEFORE applying repellent
      •DEET can be used on children 2yo or older
      •Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus can only be used on children over 3 years old
      •Avoid face, cuts, eyes
      •Permethrin: NEVER apply to skin, only clothing; read instructions; can purchase pre-treated clothing
      •How to avoid bites
      •Timing: Most active during dusk/dawn
      •Fix holes in screens, openings in windows and doors
      •Use air conditioning
      •If using Use insecticide
      •Read the instructions for proper amount and application
      •Use products that will work for at least a few weeks
      •What about zappers? Bug zappers are good for night-time insects, not so much daytime ones (Asian Tiger)
      •Who can we call to have vacant lots mowed/maintained? The Health Department has been working with the Parks Department and VDOT, etc, to spread awareness and educate, but has proven difficult to have them commit to these kinds of preventive practices. Health Department recommends continuing to reach out to the Parks Department and perhaps using insecticides in trouble areas.
      •Is the risk from Zika virus contained to 1st trimester? Still unclear, but evidence suggests it is a concern throughout the entire term of the pregnancy.
      •Where to buy pre-treated permethrin clothing? LLBean, online stores.
      •What about citronella? Can be effective, but only when properly used.
      •Are pond dunks effective? Yes!
      •What about moving water? Mosquitos do NOT like it and will not lay eggs in moving water.
      •Bat houses? They are wonderful beacuse bats are GREAT, but probably not as effective in tackling the Asian Tiger problem since they are out during the day.
      •What about social transmission and screening? Currently, no screening for travellers (other than pregnant woman).
      •More information about Zika virus is available on the Fairfax County Health Department homepage at: http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/hd/
  4. Lennar development update - Hoffman property near Midtown
    • Ms. Sara Mariska, lawyer for the developers
    • Also in attendance: Ms. Meghan Van Dam, AICP; Chief, Policy and Plan Development Branch; Planning Division, Department of Planning and Zoning
    • Dec 2014: Rezoning petition was submitted for the Hoffman property; has since been authorized
    • Proposed: 6-story building (75 feet tall) with 363 (1-2 bd) apartment rental units, akin to the Parker in size/scale; market priced ($1800-$2500/mo)
    • Have met with county and are now proposing a storm water run-of system to help with the water over-flow, linking up with the levee project
    • Public hearing on the development proposal will be held in the later part of 2016
    • Q&A
      •What about the stream that often overflows? A storm channel would be added to handle over-flow/run-off. Most of the source of the overflow is from a pipe that emerges on Fenwick--the new development would continue that pipe (buried) all the way to the stream, helping to reduce flooding/overflow
      •Any restorative actions to the stream itself since it's in such poor shape? Have started discussing, but no plans set as of yet. Can bring environmental consultant to next presentation to discuss.
      •What kinds of units will be built (condos/apartments)? Rental apartments
      •Metroview Pkwy will be extended to levee for construction purposes. Will there be a conflict between levee construction and Hoffman property construction? No. They will be coordinating with the construction team for the levee project.
      •What about parking? The developers are working with Midtown to split their back lot for lobby/guest parking for the new property.
      •What is the makeup of the courtyard? Not finalized, but would be a mix (pool, grassy area, terraces, etc)
      •What about a dog park? Not very likely, but still up for discussion.
      •How will this effect access to metro? Allotted parking spaces per unit? Increased traffic flow? Currently, 1.6 cars/unit, but developers have requested it be decreased to 1.3 (similar to Parker and Midtown). As for increased traffic flow, there have been discussions to extend the left-turn lane. Due to the small size of the project, the county does not require a traffic analysis, but developers are still planning due diligence on this issue.
      •What about increased pedestrian traffic--already a big issue with j-walkers from Midtown? Developers are discussing the addition of signs or possibly changing the parking setup to encourage pedestrian traffic towards safer paths. Will continue to look into this issue.
      •Anything you need from us as a community? Developers will be seeking support from the community. Also, any/all suggestions welcome as the project planning progresses.
  5. Other topic updates submitted by HCA committee members but NOT discussed at the meeting due to a lack of time):
  6. MVCCA Committee reports:
    • General Council: The Mount Vernon Council of Community Associations (www.mvcca.org): 25 May meeting
      •Subcommittee updates below
      •Brett Kenney (Supervisor Hiland's deputy) has moved to North Carolina; his replacement is Ms. Christine Morin.
      •The new Transportation liaison for us is Ms. Allison Meissler.
    • Planning and Zoning (Ray Novitske)
      •Brookside Motel
      •Proposed letter of continued interest
      •Letter was sent from MVCCA to Fairfax P&Z saying MVCCA is neither for nor against a self-storage facility at this point but it willing to keep talking to the developer and owner about the project
      •Apparently the Board of Supervisors and SFDC are looking at the Sunoco site as just a part of the larger 17-acre plot that includes both car dealerships, and wants to develop the whole area. Rumor has it that Ourisman wants to buy the whole thing and make a giant car dealership.
  7. Transportation (Jeff Woodward) - (JEFF: ANY UPDATES?)
  8. Environment and Recreation (Alan Ruof)
    •Resolution passed against VDOT regarding a plan to build tall (~125ft) power lines and towers adjacent to Huntley Meadows
  9. Health and Human Services
  10. Education (Caitlin ...?) - no meeting this month
  11. Budget and Finance (Alan Ruof) - (ALAN: ANY UPDATES?)
  12. Consumer Affairs (open - we need a representative)
  13. Plan for upcoming events (topics, guest speakers)
    • July: No meeting
    • August: National Night Out (Tuesday, 2 August)
    • September: TBD
    • October: TBD
  14. Other
    • The Police Non-Emergency phone number is: (703) 691-2131<.ul>
The next HCA monthly meeting will be at 7:30pm on Thursday, 4 August.
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  May 5, 2016

Huntington Community Association meeting, May 5, 2016
  1. Introductions
    • David Sears, President (absent)
    • Jeff Woodward, Vice President
    • Harry Shepler, Treasurer
    • Theresa Woo, Secretary
  2. Administrative business:
    • 2015 membership fees
    • $10 per person, per calendar year
    • Please pay Harry Shepler; Make checks out to HCA.
  3. Update
    • Adopt-a-Highway (Jeff Woodward) - Approved! Paperwork in progress
    • Street light on upper Mount Vernon (Laverle Berry) - in progress
    • Articles of Incorporation (Harry Shepler) - in progress
    • Hoffman Property
      Developers have requested to present updated plans/schematics to the HCA next month (June). Confirmation of guest speaker will be announced/advertised prior to next meeting.
      Currently, developers are in the process of applying for re-zoning of the plot to accommodate plans (-300 residential units)
    • 4th Annual Huntington Community Picnic is scheduled for June 4th!
  4. Levee (John):
    • Project still on schedule
    • Proposed plan/map is currently under review at FEMA
    • Developers are now working on applying for/getting necessary building permits
    • A broad solicitation for construction bids will be in mid-August and winning company will be announced in October
    • The developers have asked to come speak to the HCA in October (once the construction company has been selected) instead of June/July (as it was originally proposed). Jeff proposed a motion to vote, motion was seconded and voting commenced:
      Results: 8 "yeas" for Oct, 0 yeas for June/July
    • Jeff will report back to developers and schedule visit for October
  5. HCA Committee reports:
    • MVCCA: The Mount Vernon Council of Community Associations (www.mvcca.org) - April meeting was cancelled
    • Planning and Zoning (Ray Novitske)
      Brookside Motel re-development - has been a proposal to convert to self-storage building, however, there is little support and will likely be rejected
    • Transportation (Jeff Woodward)
      The new county supervisor, Dan Storck, is working with U.S. Representative Don Beyer and local officials to requesting the re-mapping of the Reagan National Airport flyover plans. A recent change in protocol has resulted in a significant increase in air traffic (and subsequently aircraft noise) over the Mt. Vernon residential area. Below is a notice on the issue from Supervisor Storck's April Newsletter (http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/mountvernon/documents/advisor/201604_mvadvisor.pdf): More than a decade ago, my predecessor Supervisor Gerry Hyland along with now State Senator Barbara Favola pushed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Washington Metropolitan Airports Authority (MWAA) to adopt a regulation that required aircraft to fly ten nautical miles south of Reagan National Airport before they turned toward their destination.

      Last year, without any input from local communities, the FAA adopted a new initiative called NextGen, a computer program designed to optimize flight routes nationwide. The effect of this has been that flights now turn after the Woodrow Wilson Bridge over Mount Vernon neighborhoods. From personal experience, the noise is deafening and unrelenting. The previous rule worked for many years and should be implemented again.

      The Villamay Community Association and other residents here in the Mount Vernon District have organized to encourage our Congressional delegation to take action on this matter. I am pleased that U.S. Representative Don Beyer has committed to joining the U.S. House of Representatives' Quiet Skies Caucus, and I look forward to working with Congressman Beyer, my Board of Supervisors colleague Jeff McKay, and local communities to find a resolution to this matter.

      In order to establish a pattern of nuisance noise, I encourage you to report aircraft noise complaints via Reagan National Airport's web portal. You can also email the FAA Noise Ombudsman at: 9-AWA-NoiseOmbudsman@faa.gov.

      Additionally, the Villamay Community Association has launched a signature drive to express community-wide concern. Please share this newsletter with your neighbors and encourage them to sign-up for it, so that I can keep you abreast of developments as they occur. Of course, please feel free to share your concerns with my office by emailing: mtvernon@fairfaxcounty.gov.
      Updates on the Richmond Highway development: http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/news2/embarking-on-the-future-of-richmond-highway/
      There will be a community meeting on the Route 1 project on Monday, May 9, 7 to 9 p.m., at Walt Whitman Middle School, 2500 Parkers Lane, Alexandria. There will be a formal presentation of the project, as well as remarks by Lee District Supervisor Jeff McKay and Mount Vernon District Supervisor Dan Storck. This will be followed by an open house in the cafeteria where you will be able to talk one-on-one with county staff representatives who are leading various aspects of the project.
    • Environment and Recreation (Alan Ruof)
    • Health and Human Services
    • Education (John Syphrit)
    • Budget and Finance (Alan Ruof)
    • Consumer Affairs (open - we need a representative)
  6. Guest Speaker: Alex Escobar, Realtor, MBA (Jobin Realty)
    • Email: Alex@EscobarPrime.com
    • Phone: 703.869.4270
    • Presentation Title: "Real Estate Trends for Huntington"
    • A few notes from Mr. Escobar's presentation:
    • Local trends:
      There has been an increase in job creation, however, nothing too drastic (~3%); a 5% increase over the next 2 years is the current projection
      Fairly steady upwards growth in the housing market since 2011
      Supply is down, which is good news for sellers (higher prices)
      With purchasing power down, lower priced homes looking more appealing to buyers
    • Tips:
      Sell in June, buy in January!
      Renovate early! If needed, can obtain 203K loans (FHA) and renovation loans from Fannie Mae to help with financing
      Get an AGENT not a ‘salesperson' - you want to find someone who has your interest in mind and who will fight for YOU.
    • View/download a PDF of Alex's presentation
  7. Plan for upcoming meetings/events (topics, guest speakers)
    • June: Guest speaker from the Fairfax County Health Department to speak about mosquito prevention and control
    • June 4, 2016: 4th Annual Neighborhood Picnic
    • July: No meeting; maybe a neighborhood cleanup
    • August: National Night Out
    • September:
    • October:
  8. Other community issues:
    • Several residents raised concern over the "No Turn on Red" sign that has been posted at Huntington and Telegraph. This change in signage has resulted in significant delays/congestion. Previously, right turns were only prohibited during rush hours. Jeff will email the transportation head to inquire about the change and see if it is possible to revert back to the conditional right turn sign.
    • Biscayne & Huntington light: light is too long and walk sign too short - Jeff to contact VDOT to inquire about current algorithm/trip sensor
    • Speeding along Huntington:
      Jeff to raise this issue at the next transportation meeting; perhaps repainting the lines/narrowing the lanes on Huntington as this has worked in the past.
      Community Watch rep will also ask Officer Bubba Urps at the next community watch meeting about parking a dummy cop car on Huntington and about adding a flashing pedestrian crosswalk signs on Huntington at Hunting Creek
    • A&R property - Yard is getting too overgrown, David is reaching out to the owners wrt upkeep
    • General concerns over overgrowth that impedes paths/sidewalks - On the Fairfax County website you can make anonymous complaint about overgrowth, old cars, etc. If possible, however, try to reach out to owner first before filing a complaint.
      Huntington resident and HCA member, Jose (2321 Fairview Terrace), has offered to provide light landscaping services to the elderly and those in need. Please reach out to HCA secretary (hcasecretary@huntingtononline.org) if you are in need or know of a resident who many be in need of assistance.
  9. Other
    The Police Non-Emergency phone number is: (703) 691-2131
      The next HCA monthly meeting will be at 7:30pm on Thursday, June 2.
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  April 7, 2016

Huntington Community Association meeting, April 7, 2016
  1. Introductions
    David Sears, President (absent)
    Jeff Woodward, Vice President
    Harry Shepler, Treasurer
    Theresa Woo, Secretary
  2. Administrative business:
      2015 membership fees
      $10 per person, per calendar year
      Please pay Harry Shepler; Make checks out to HCA.
  3. Clean-up items from March meeting
    • Adopt-a-Highway (Jeff Woodward) - application pending
    • Street light on upper Mount Vernon at Huntington Avenue (Laverle Berry) - Engineers have surveyed it and are looking at options. One is to increase the brightness of the light on the other side of Huntington Avenue, another is to install a light on the existing pole on our side. The next step is to sign a petition (only 3 addresses) and return it to the county. Currenlty in the process of reaching out to residence at the intersection for endorsement.
    • Articles of Incorporation - being processed
    • Overgrown forest in Huntington Reserve
    • Neighborhood Cleanup - Thank you to everyone who came out to clean up and to Pilar's for a great post-clean up lunch!
  4. Levee update - none
  5. HCA Committee reports:
    • MVCCA: The Mount Vernon Council of Community Associations (www.mvcca.org):
      Environment & Recreation
      Huntington Metro:
    • Concerns of poor lighting and pedestrian safety issues at Huntington Metro station were raised by HCA rep
    • The MVCCA Transportation Committee has drafter a letter for Board of Supervision rep, Dan Storck, to send to Metro about Huntington Metro Station safety concerns (see letter below)
      Embark Meeting - The next Embark Advisory Group meeting is Monday, April 25, 7:00-8:30 pm at John Marshall Library (6209 Rose Hill Drive, Alexandria VA 22310). We will be in the main meeting roomhttp://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/dpz/embarkrichmondhwy Planning and Zoning (Ray Novitske)
      Environment and Recreation (Alan Ruof)
      Health and Human Services
      Education (John Syphrit / Kaitlyn
      An invitation has been extended to school board member Karen Corbett Sanders to attend/speak at an upcoming HCA meeting (acceptance pending)
      Belvoir Elementary School will be opening in the Fall to accommodate the growing number of base children. This will result in approximately 300 students transferring from Woodley Hills to the new base facility.
      Pinewood Lakes Middle School is also expected to open in a few years; in the meantime, the school board will be discussing potential re-zoning/re-districting to accommodate the shift in students/demands in the area.
      School Board has identified a $20 million surplus in the budget, and is currently discussing where/how to spend these funds; a leading proposal is to supplement teaching salaries, as they are some of the lowest in the state.
      April is "Military Youth Awareness" month
      School district expecting an increase in military children due to the closure of/retreat from several military bases in Turkey
      A survey has been created/distributed to staff and parents to move the start of the school year up one week (prior to Labor Day), starting in the 2017-2018 school year. This would provide additional time to prepare for standardized testing and result in an earlier dismissal (early June).
      Board has passed a new policy to provide all high school students with FREE Fairfax County Connector Passes to help with transportation to/from classes and afterschool programs.
      Budget and Finance (Alan Ruof)
      Consumer Affairs (open position -representative needed)
      Public Safety (Blake Stave)
  6. Floor opened to member issues/concerns
    • Representative from the Southeast Fairfax Development Corporation:
    • The North Hill Community Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 27th, 7:00pm-9:00pm at Walt Whitman Middle School.
      Proposed North Hills development to include approximately 1000 new affordable housing residential units (~800 townhomes, ~200 apartments)
      Potential economic and social impacts on the region will be discussed (e.g. transit/traffic concerns, influx of students into the school district, etc)
    • The next EMBARK Richmond Highway community meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 9th, 7:00pm, at Walt Whitman Middle School.  Learn more about EMBARK Richmond Highway.
      2016 Economic Outlook Summit at Belle Haven Country Club this Thursday, April 14th, 8:00am-11:30am.
    • Event Speakers: Ann Battle Macheras, Vice President, Research and Development, the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond; Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist, National Association of Realtors Dr. Gerald L. Gordon, President, Fairfax County Economic Development Authority, Terry Clower, PhD, The Center for Regional Analyses, George Mason University; Ed Long, County Executive, Fairfax County, Virginia.
    • Moderator: Michael Neibauer, Reporter, Washington Business Journal Citizen Advisory Committee Meeting report:
    • Dpt. Lt. Holland: 6 new officers have successfully cleared training and will be joining the force
    • Long-term staffing concerns were discussed
    • Lorton sub-station is being built, will include an Animal Control unit; as a result, there may be a need to re-zone district to accommodate for shift in staffing/coverage
    • The police blockade at Fairview Terrace and Biscayne last month was due to a domestic dispute. Officers were able to successfully diffuse the situation, no arrests or injuries reported
    • Guest speaker discussed rates of juvenile disappearances and recent threats in child exploitation and predation. New social messaging application called "Kik" identified as a high-risk app, often targeted by predators Hoffman Property development: Still pending
    • A member made an inquiry regarding overgrowth/branches touching power lines. Board recommended calling Dominion and/or filing a report on Dominion's website. Members have had success doing so in the past.
    • High water/Flood response: A suggestion was made by a member to form a sub-committee to organize community "clean-ups" following high-waters, especially in lower Huntington. Sub-committee would also follow-up with Board of Supervisors to report any lapses in emergency response by the county, following these events
    • Old Sunoco station at Huntington/Rt.1: Several community members have voiced concern over the unsightliness of the abandoned Sunoco station at Huntington & Rt. 1. SFDC representation suggested reaching out to the MVCCA to coordinate with the state in reporting the property as a "Blight" concern. MVCCA reps will follow-up at next meeting and report back to HCA.
  7. HCA meeting plan (proposed topics, guest speakers) for the year
    • May: Real estate discussion (guest realtor);
    • June: Update on the Hoffman development project (behind Midtown)
      4th Annual Neighborhood Picnic (4 June)
      Neighborhood cleanup
      July: No meeting
      August: National Night Out (4 Aug)
      September: TBD
      October: TBD
  8. Other
    Police Non-Emergency phone number: (703) 691-2131
The next HCA monthly meeting will be at 7:30pm on Thursday, May 5.
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  March 3, 2016

Huntington Community Association meeting, March 3, 2016
  1. Introductions
    David Sears, President (absent)
    Jeff Woodward, Vice President
    Harry Shepler, Treasurer
    Theresa Woo, Secretary
  2. Administrative business: 2015 membership fees
    $10 per person, per calendar year
    Please pay Harry Shepler; Make checks out to HCA.
  3. Clean-up items from February meeting
    Flyers to neighborhood streets (Laverle Berry)
    Street light on upper Mount Vernon at Huntington Avenue (Laverle Berry)
    Articles of Incorporation
    Overgrown forest in Huntington Reserve
  4. Levee update - Alan Ruof
    Levee update occurred on 17 Feb, at the community center at 6:30 PM
    Primary construction access will be along Metroview Pkwy (see levee website for notes:
    Project still on track, though construction may take a little longer than originally estimated; may be 2 years instead of 1
    Questions from HCA members: How will construction impact traffic along the Huntington corridor? How/to whom should this be addressed?
    Recommendations: Inquiries passed along to Alan to be brought up at next meeting. Also, annual meeting for Midtown is coming up - perhaps, it would be an appropriate forum for broaching these issues.
  5. Other issues raised by the community:
    Concerns raised about loud music/noise from neighboring homes. New (as of February 17, 2016), Fairfax County noise ordinance cited. For details, see: http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/news2/new-noise-ordinance-passed/.
    A recommendation was made to combine community association meeting with surrounding apartment and condo associations. An announcement will be made at the next Midtown meeting, advertising our monthly meeting. David has already approached the Parker and invited them join us as well.
    Several concerns were raised wrt the poor emergency response after the last flood. Alan will speak with levee contact to see if there is someone we should be contacting. Also, members were encouraged to contact the Board of Supervisors to voice their concerns.
    Streetlights between Farrington and Mt. Vernon are out. Several calls have been made to Dominion, with no resolve. Recommendation was made to call the "Lights Out" number again and/or report the outage online if there is still no response/repair within the next couple of days.
    A member raised a concern wrt the police incident at the corner of Fairview Terrace and Biscayne last month. According to Fairfax County police liaison, the blockade was in response to a domestic violence call. Board will inquire with FCPD for more details to be shared at next meeting.
    Several community members raised concerns over the parking overflow situation and potential loitering at the new Hookah Lounge on Huntington Avenue. Per FCPD's visit two months ago, the police can only get involved if a crime is being committed or if there is clear evidence of wrongdoing. However, measures have been taken in the past to help prevent potential unrest/overcrowding (i.e. elevated police presence during the last "Hip Hop" night).
    A member raised concern with non-residents taking up parking spots and requested additional signs be posted enforcing permit parking. However, per county law, parking is only limited to permit-holding residents during posted hours. After hours and weekends are open/unrestricted.
    Several members raised concern over the snowplowresponse during the recent scow storm. Fairfax County will be holding a meeting (date/time TBD) to address the new plow patterns to try and improve response time and coverage. Currently, residents can track the status/path of active plows via website: www.novasnowplowing.virginia.gov
  6. HCA Committee reports:
    MVCCA: The Mount Vernon Council of Community Associations (www.mvcca.org):
    •Environment & Recreation
    Levee updates: Projected cost for the levee is now exceeding the 30 million bond provisioned for the project, so committee will need to dip into Storm Water funds; has no effect on projected timeline or status of the levee--committee is stillvery much committed to maintaining the project and will find funds when necessary
    Huntington Metro: the MVCCA Transportation Committee and the Public Safety committee are investigating reports of structural failings and also personal security issues at the metro parking garages
    •Planning and Zoning (Ray Novitske)
    •Environment and Recreation (Alan Ruof)
    •Health and Human Services
    •Education (John Syphrit)
    An invitation has been extended to school board member Karen Corbett Sanders to attend/speak at an upcoming HCA meeting (acceptance pending) •Budget and Finance (Alan Ruof)
    CFO of county discussed budget process planning for FY17
    FY18: Though real estate values have not been climbing significantly, commercial real estate values have shown an increase There are several active initiatives to try and increase school funding; as a result, there may be a chance that tax rates will go up as much as 4% and slightly higher storm water fee, as well
    There are several concerns that the state of VA is not allocating the correct/appropriate amount of money to Fairfax County schools; in turn, county is consideringsuing the state to recover said funds
    •Consumer Affairs (open position - representative needed)
    •Public Safety (Blake Stave)
  7. Other topics:
    Dan Storck, Mount Vernon District Supervisor
    Is currently looking for a Communications Manager (part-time or full); must live in the district
    Mount Vernon Advisor newsletter
    To get on the distribution list, send your name and e-mail address to Donna at the Supervisor's office (mtvernon@fairfaxcounty.gov)\
    Town Hall Meeting
    Great turn out this year; will be holding another next year, date/time TBD.
  8. HCA meeting plan (proposed topics, guest speakers) for the year
    April: Possible visit by an Southeast Fairfax Development Council board member
    May: Real estate agent will visit to discuss the market
    June: 4th Annual Neighborhood Picnic; Neighborhood cleanup
    July: No meeting
    August: National Night Out
    September: TBD
    October: TBD
  9. Other Police Non-Emergency phone number: (703) 691-2131
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  February 4, 2016

Huntington Community Association meeting, February 4, 2016
  1. Introductions
    David Sears, President
    Jeff Woodward, Vice President
    Harry Shepler, Treasurer
    Theresa Woo, Secretary
  2. Administrative business:
    2015 membership fees
    $10 per person, calendar year; please pay Harry Shepler. Make checks out to HCA.
  3. Various community issues brought up at the meeting.
  4. By-laws - In the comming months the HCA by-laws will be updated. A copy of the updated paperwork will be provided for everyone to read ahead of the meeting where it will be voted upon. Only members are able to vote on the inclusion or changes to the by-laws.
  5. Adopt a highway - We recently were informed that our paperwork for being apart of the adopt-a-highway program (huntington Ave) has lapsed. Jeff Woodward has begun the paper process for re-applying to the program. HCA Meeting flyers - Flyers about the monthly meeting are being passed out to one street each month. Watch out for them on your street next month!
  6. Reporting a dim or broken street light to Dominion Power - If you feel a light is dim or not bright enough or out, please look at the pole for the number and contact Dominion Power.
  7. Installing a Street light at Mount Vernon and Huntington - A member reported that they emailed the county, their environmental and protection group and believe that the request will move forward.
  8. Blaine circle garden update. Jamie Rickerson is the point of contact should you wish to volunteer. She has been emailing with Mr. Sickles, the representative for Huntington, and the one neighbor still with issues regarding the garden.
  9. Incorporation - In the past the Huntington Community Association has been incorporated as a way to protect the volunteer officers. Currently that has also lapsed and we will work to incorporate again. The cost will be around $20.
  10. Huntington Reserve forest/weed removal - There is currently an effort underway to attack the undergrowth around the dog walking/walking track between Huntington Reserve and the Huntington community. Mr. Sears said that while the HCA will not lead the effort, once the Huntington Reserve folks set a date and time, the HCA will promote the effort through emails and a Facebook post.
  11. Hoffman project update - The Hoffman property is behind the Midtown building across from the metro, and in the past developers have come to present information for a 6 story building. We received an updated that the developer, Lamar, is working with the county to revise rezoning paperwork.
  12. Levee Update - The January levee meeting has been postponed till February 23rd at 6:30pm at the Huntington Community Center.
    • The County has obtained all required easements - this required a condemnation hearing for the adjacent property at the east end - during the hearing they read the letter Alan wrote on behalf of the HCA (given short notice to produce this) saying why the levee was important to the community. At the hearing, the members of the Board of Supervisors praised the project.
    • Finishing 100 percent construction documents (CDs) - receive drawings 2/8, perform initial review, distribute for 3-week review by Army Corps and other County offices, discuss feedback and revise, perform second review, produce expert bid drawing set in May for contracting process
    • Submitted Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) to FEMA in December - they have 90 days to review it, and it is normal to make adjustments and resubmit - and will brief Army Corps informally in February
    • Completing second site permit (normal process) - the final issue is working with VDOT to show that the levee will not affect the piers downstream - a scour analysis is required
    • Status of the wetlands permitting - a recent development may mean that no hearing is required - if one is, then it probably will be in May - involved organizations are the Fairfax County Wetlands Board, the Army Corps, and the VA Marine Resources Commission - have met informally with VMRC and Wetlands Board and planning to meet soon with the Army Corps
  13. Mt. Vernon Advisor - The new county supervisor, Dan Stork will be trying to put out a monthly/bi-weekly newsletter called the Mt. Vernon Advisor to inform the public on his current priorities and what his office is working on. Going to the county website will allow you to sign up for updates regarding the newsletter. The huntingtononline.org site has a link to the county site as well. Main meeting.
  14. Dan Stork Town hall Meeting - Mr. Stork stated that on February 27th from 8-10pm he will hold a town hall style meeting at Walt Whitman Middle School. Additionally, he let it be known that he is looking for a communications manager from the area. If you are interested, please search on the Dan Stork website for contact information.
  15. Education - The Huntington representative to the education committee reported that due to an increase of housing at Ft. Belvior, the base will be building a new school just for kids located on base. This means that kids will be taken out of their current schools and the school district is considering whether new boundaries for the existing schools will be necessary. The county has begun using "big data" to help project the number of students at a school for the upcoming years. The school district dashboard can currently show you the student populations across the county. Please go to http://www.fcps.edu/fts/dashboard to see their efforts.
  16. Citizens Advisory Committee - Tuesday at 7:00pm at 2511 Parkers lane. Attendees encouraged others to attend the meeting as the community is able to talk to the police commander. Those that attended the last one discussed having the traffic patrol officers speak and discuss that they are aware of issues with speeding on Huntington. If you have any traffic related issues to report, please send it to Fcpdmtvtraffic@fairfaxcounty.org. The officers said that if you have an issue drop them an email as more complaints allow them to ask for more money, and gives them knowledge of what is going on within the communities.
  17. Metro sidewalk snow shoveling - Several individuals complained that snow removal on sidewalks heading into the parking garage from Huntington was insufficient and that people had to walk through the auto turnstiles in order to get to the metro for several days once the metro opened up.
  18. Metro Kiss and Ride lighting issue - Several individuals complained that the lighting by the Kiss and Ride is not nearly enough. Jeff Woodward is to contact metro regarding the two issues.
  19. Officer Oliver - Officer Oliver, a community police representative that works with our liaison Bubba Urps, spoke on her efforts to coordinate within the area and provide details on how policing is accomplished in the area. She said that crime in the Huntington patrol service area has been really low over last three months. in response to a question about police presence being needed near the 7-11 and other businesses along Huntington, she said that it is the biggest source of crime in the area as it has easy access to 495 and the bridge into Maryland, and also to allow individuals to take the metro to get out of the county. She stated that there is not much manpower to do proactive policing and that the police in the area rely heavily on community reports and complaints to identify areas of interest such as a house selling illegal drugs. She provided an example where they were notified of a "Hip-Hop-Nite" at the hookah lounge on Huntington Ave., and since those types of events can cause disturbances, there was a large police presence. As a result there were no disturbances in the area. She stated that the Mt. Vernon district has the lowest cop to citizen ratio in country. She ended by saying to contact herself at Carolina.Oliver@fcpd.gov or Bubba Urps whenever you have an issue in addition to the neighborhood watch.
The next HCA monthly meeting will be at 7:30pm on Thursday, March 3. ^ back to top

  January 7, 2016

Huntington Community Association meeting, January 7, 2016
Huntington Community Association meeting, January 7, 2016 Agenda
  1. Introductions
    • David Sears, President
    • Jeff Woodward, Vice President
    • Harry Shepler, Treasurer (new)
    • Theresa Woo, Secretary
  2. Administrative business:
    • 2015 membership fees
    • $10 per person, calendar year; please pay Harry Shepler. Make checks out to HCA.
  3. Various community issues brought up at the meeting:
    • Development inquiries
    • Huntington Levee
    • Project is still on track. See notes below from the late Levee meeting as well as website for additional info (www.fairfaxcounty.gov/dpwes/huntingtonlevee)
    • Farrington Park - Since the land currently used for Huntington Park will be re-purposed under the new levee development plan, there are plans to re-develop land at the end of Farrington to create a "new and improved" green area, possibly including a small dog park. A planning committee has formed to propose ideas for the park. If you would like to join this planning committee, please contact Mr. Aaron Koch (aaron.koch@fairfaxcounty.gov). The HCA will contact the planning committee to speak at one of our upcoming monthly meetings.
    • HCA to ask the newest member of the Board of Supervisors, Dan Stork, to come speak to the community about future plans including support of the levee.
    • Hoffman Property (north on Metroview, behind the Midtown and the Parker)
    • Developers are still in early planning stages. We'll reach out to developers to see if there are any updates. See the meeting minutes from September 2015 for the original presentation the developers gave to the HCA.
    • Trails at the end of Arlington Terrace
    • A member of the community asked if there is anything the HCA can do to assist with maintaining this area. Apparently it is county land but the county does not have the resources to maintain the trails or the forested area.
    • We'll address this again at the next monthly meeting.
    • Huntington Club
    • Ross Irwin recently met with the HCA to discuss a 10-year redevelopment plan (see October meeting minutes). The Club is currently in negotiations with the county on development/zoning requirements. Ross will be happy to update the HCA when he has new information.
    • Commercial strip on the south side of Huntington Avenue
    • History: HCA has been in contact with A&R Developers who own the property. There have been several re-negotiations between A&R, the county and HCA. The strip of land has been removed from the "Affordable Housing Area" clause, to allow for re-development.
    • The property is still owned by A&R Developers, but the project is on hold due to zoning/budgetary issues.
    • Other Issues/Initiatives
    • Pedestrian crosswalk at Huntington Ave and Metroview
    • The concern of safety along Huntington Avenue (speeding, need for more crosswalks, etc) has been raised before. Virginia Dept. of Transportation (VDOT) views Huntington Avenue as an important conduit for traffic between Route 1 and Telegraph Road, so installing anything that would slow or impede the traffic (stoplights, stop signs, speed bumps) has been rejected consistently by traffic planners.
    • The developers for the Hoffman Property are looking into the idea of creating a pedestrian bridge at Metroview.
    • Engaging with local businesses
    • HCA president has proposed reaching out to upstanding business owners via email/letter to thank them for their contributions to the community and invite them to join at us our monthly HCA meetings.
    • Proposal to invite/involve the local businesses at the next annual Huntington Community Picnic
    • Ideas for recruitment/ increasing HCA membership
    • Flyer homes/business prior to meetings and to announce events?
    • More active posting on Facebook group?
    • Increasing number of social events?
    • Updates on the "Blaine Orchard"
    • For updates, check out the Blaine Orchard Facebook page: www.facebook.com/BlaineOrchard
    • If you would like to get involved, contact Ms. Jaime Rickerson via the Facebook page.
    • Southeast Fairfax Development Corporation (SFDC)
    • Additional details of many of the local development proposals/plans can be found at: www.sfdc.org
    • HCA will invite SFDC to come speak to the group to give updates on local development plans
  4. Levee update - Alan Ruof
    • The next levee update meeting will be at the community center on January 27 at 6:30 PM
    • The meeting will include showing a rendering of the ponding area as requested at the last meeting, and will discuss Farrington Park improvements
    • In recent months, levee project managers have done the following:
    • Held a meeting of volunteers providing feedback on Farrington Park (only one person attended). Sent out alternate proposals and requested feedback from the community. (We'll try to get the park project manager to come speak to HCA.)
    • 100% of the Construction Documents are due in February - full review will include Army Corps - will revise as needed and resubmit
    • Met with Fairfax County Land Development Services regarding building permit
    • The planners are preparing the second submission of the site review (normal process; first was in March) with responses to comments from VDOT, Fairfax Co. DOT, and water and sewer
    • Submitted Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) to FEMA in Dec. (first step in accrediting levee) - they have 90 days to review, then it is normal to make adjustments and resubmit
    • Continued discussions on construction phasing
    • Have asked for an additional survey of the wetlands to show the high tide levels in the stream behind Fenwick. That was done 12/21. There's a meeting with the Corps and the Fairfax Co. Wetlands Board 12 January 2016.
    • HCA Committee reports:
    • MVCCA: The Mount Vernon Council of Community Associations (www.mvcca.org):
    • Voted on committee chairs (they always need more volunteers)
    • Transportation (Jeff Woodward)
    • Fort Belvoir: continued agenda to widen/improving the traffic flow along Route 1
    • Planning and Zoning (Ray Novitske)
    • Rejection of proposal to build/bring title loan business to the empty gas station at NW corner of Huntington Ave & Rt. 1
    • Riverside has withdrawn plans to build a new tower
    • However, Montebello is now in discussions to build a new tower
    • Rejected plan to redevelop Brookside Motel as self-storage unit
    • The Shoppers/CVS complex on Rt. 1/Kings Hwy has closed for good. Preparations have begun for re-development of the land. It is supposed to have a Fresh Market grocery store.
    • Possible re-development plan for Rt. 1 from WalMart to Pizza Hut
    • Rejected proposal to build transportation center across from Buffalo Wild Wings. Will be built further down (south) on Rt. 1.
    • Potential plans to develop Mount Vernon High School as a community center
    • Potential plans to re-develop the North Hills property (across from TacoBell/ Denny's)
    • The owner of the Traveler's Motel has died. We're not sure if this will mean any re-development of the site.
    • Environment and Recreation (Alan Ruof)
    • HCA to invite rep from School Board to speak to group
    • Health and Human Services
    • Education (John Syphrit)
    • Budget and Finance (Alan Ruof)
    • Consumer Affairs (open - we need a representative)
    • Public Safety
    • Mr. Blake Stave, Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of Alexandria, has agreed to organize a emergency prep workshop for Huntington residents. We'll work with him to plan a date in April or May.
    • Neighborhood Watch (Apollos Hill & James Williams)
    • To join the Neighborhood Watch and/or report suspicious activity, email: huntington.nw.coordinator@gmail.com
  5. Other
  6. The Police Non-Emergency phone number is: (703) 691-2131 The next HCA monthly meeting will be at 7:30pm on Thursday, February 4.
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  November 5, 2015

Huntington Community Association meeting, November 5, 2015
  1. Introductions
    • David Sears, President
    • Jeff Woodward, Vice President
    • Megan Kiel, Treasurer
    • Teresa Woo, Secretary (Not present)
  2. Administrative business:
    • 2015 membership fees are $10 per person, please pay Megan Kiel. Make any checks out to HCA.
  3. Various community issues:
    • Neighborhood Watch
      • James Williams, Apollos Hill are coordinators. Please talk to them if you're interested in being a volunteer for passive watch.Huntington Online has the contact information for the Neighborhood Watch.
      • November 17th @7pm is the next neighborhood watch training at the Mt Vernon Police Station. CAC mtg Next Tuesday 11/10 at 7pm
    • Blaine garden/orchard update
      • David spoke with State Senator Adam Ebbin, and met with James Heo (a staffer for Delegate Mark Sickles) regarding the orchard.
      • The latest is that Mr. Heo is trying to set up a meeting with the complaining neighbor.
        CAC Update
      • James with an update for the CAC. A homicide occurred in Groveton Gardens and there have continued to be 7-11 convenience store robberies in the county. 60% of Walmart thefts in Fairfax County happen in the Walmart nearby on Rt One.
  4. Levee update
    • The Planning Commission meeting this month was cancelled. Alan gave an update that the levee construction documents are 50% complete and will go to FEMA for review. An improved playground is planned for Farrington Park; a small volunteer group will meet to coordinate. It has been confirmed that New Alexandria will not be affected by the levee.
  5. HCA Committee reports:
    • MVCCA: The Mount Vernon Council of Community Associations (www.mvcca.org) main meeting:
      • Voted on committee chairs (they always need more volunteers)
      • The next meeting on 18 Nov will include a "zoning education" session on how zoning ordinances are decided and/or changed (at the Mount Vernon district building, the regular meeting site).
    • Transportation (Jeff Woodward)
      • The Penn-Daw redevelopment project public comment period ends 15 Nov.
    • Planning and Zoning (Ray Novitske)
      • The Morningstar Day Care Center project has been deferred due to community opposition.
      • Old Brookside Hotel redevelopment project - there was a presentation about a self-storage facility going in. There was skepticism from the attendees that a storage facility is what we want on that site.
      • The Southeast Fairfax Development Corporation will have an open house on 1 Dec at the El Paso Restaurant, 6151 Richmond Highway.
    • Environment and Recreation (Alan Ruof)
      • Mount Vernon Country Club development project
      • Installation of Distributed Antennae System towers
    • Health and Human Services
      • Guest speaker talked about the "Opportunity Neighborhoods" program
    • Education (John Syphrit)
      • The School Bond Referendum on the Nov 3 ballot passed.
      • It is supposed to provide renovation funds for Waynewood, Stratford Landing, Newington Forest, and Hollin Meadows schools.
      • ohn went to Whitman Library on November 4 to meet the new Regional Assistant Superintendent Terry Dade.
      • Cameron Elementary school is having issues with test scores due to the high non-English speaking immigrant population. John confirmed that the school is not in danger of losing accreditation.
      • There is a new elementary school at Ft Belvior that will cause Mount Vernon area school boundaries to be reconsidered.
    • Budget and Finance (Alan Ruof) - no update
    • Consumer Affairs (open - we need a representative)
    • Public Safety (open - we need a representative)
  6. Recap of HCA activities for the year
    • January: Officer Urps visit; crime review, Neighborhood Watch, Citizens Advisory Committee, graffiti; Special Levee Meeting held on 29 Jan
    • February:Review of levee issues, got the graffiti cleaned up at the mini-mall
    • March:Neighborhood cleanup
    • April: Real estate Maggie Britvec; School board member Dan Storck
    • May: Planning commissioner Tim Sergeant
    • June: Businesswoman Jane Gandee at meeting; 3rd Annual Neighborhood Picnic; neighborhood cleanup
    • July: No meeting
    • August: National Night Out; Police visit due to homicide in park; Neighborhood Watch, Citizens Advisory Committee information
    • September: Hoffman property development update; brief Huntington Club update; started dealing with the Blaine orchard/garden issue
    • October: Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) presentation - will follow up on this in the spring; Blaine orchard update;
    • Voting for HCA 2016 officer positions. Election results:
      • David Sears, President
      • Jeff Woodward, Vice President
      • Harry Shepler, Treasurer
      • Teresa Woo, Secretary
  7. Huntington Club update (Mr. Ross Irwin) The Planning Commission rejected Huntington Club's request to eliminate the commercial space requirement of its redevelopment project. Eliminating the commercial space requirement was supported by HCA, the MVCCA, Mr. Gerry Hyland, and Earl Flanagan, our planning commissioner for the district. However, staff on the commission was concerned that if they eliminate office space from Huntington that would set a precedent for the county. They prefer centralized planning over devolved, community-decided efforts.
  8. Upcoming events:
    • ∑ November: Neighborhood cleanup on Saturday, 7 Nov -9:30am . Meet in the parking lot of Old Chicago Pizza
    • ecember: Christmas potluck, 3 December at 7:30 pm in the Community Center
  9. Other
    • The Police Non-Emergency phone number is: (703) 691-2131
    • Question came up about what the future plans for the metro transit station? No answer yet.
    • Laverle Berry is looking into getting a streetlight installed at the corner of Mt. Vernon and Huntington Avenue (the uphill side where it is dark at night).
The next HCA monthly meeting will be the Christmas potluck at 7:30pm on Thursday, December 3rd. Come one, come all! Bring a dish, drink, or munchies to share, or just bring yourself and friends and meet your neighbors!
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  October 1, 2015

Huntington Community Association meeting, October 1, 2015
  1. Introductions
    • David Sears, President
    • Jeff Woodward, Vice President
    • Theresa Woo, Secretary
  2. Administrative business:
  3. 2015 membership fees are $10 per person, please pay Megan Kiel. Make any checks out to HCA.
  4. Various community issues:
    • The Neighborhood Watch
    • James Williams, Apollos Hill are coordinators. Please talk to them if you're interested in being a volunteer for passive watch.
    • Blaine garden/orchard update
    • Many residents of Blaine Drive and Riverview Terrace attended the meeting to show their support for the cul de sac garden. Jamie updated everyone on her efforts to work with VDOT to gain a permit that would allow neighbors to use the space. So far VDOT has refused to cooperate because one neighbor on the street does not want any gardening activity in the circle.
    • David sent letters to Supervisor Gerry Hyland, State Senator Adam Ebbin, and Delegate Mark Sickles asking for their support of the orchard and that they express that support to VDOT on our behalf. Supervisor Hyland<'s office replied that they couldn<'t help because VDOT was a state agency; Sen Ebbin<'s office contacted VDOT but only to gather information, not to advocate for the gardeners; and Delegate Sickles<' office never replied.
  5. Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) information
    • Mr. Jonathan Kiell, a volunteer with the Fairfax County Office of Emergency Management, spoke about opportunities to learn about disaster preparation. Since during an emergency professional responders are often spread thin - the CERT team offers courses that help people identify ways they can prepare for the worse and then help themselves when the worst happens.
    • The Fairfax County Fire Department and CERT coordinate to offer a course (1 night a week for eight weeks) to learn basic emergency preparedness and response.
    • Most classes take place at the Fairfax Fire Academy. Typically held from 7-10pm Tues -Thurs.
    • More information can found on the website: http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/fr/cert/cert.htm
    • See the website for information on available classes. Classes for this fall are already booked but the spring timeframe is still open.
    • After the basic courses are done there a lot of other courses you can take, such as Metro-specific emergencies or how to help animals in distress. 
    • Citizens may sign up for Fairfax Alerts at: http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/alerts/
    • The HCA will look into getting the Office of Emergency Management to come give a one-night class on flooding-specific considerations.
    • There was no Huntington Club update. Mr. Ross Irwin spoke to us about the Huntington Club redevelopment project at our September meeting. He will be available at the November meeting if anyone has further questions.
    • Levee update - Mr. Alan Ruof:
    • The levee engineers are continuing to work on the 50% design documents, which are due 4 Nov.
    • They are also beginning to coordinate with the utilities that will service the facilities (Verizon, Dominion Power, etc.)
    • On 5 Nov there will be a Planning Commission hearing on the project. This hearing is required since the levee project is not listed in Fairfax County<'s Comprehensive Plan. The levee planners have submitted the application and will meet with the Planning Commissioner in late October to satisfy any concerns or answer questions.
    • The JPA has been submitted, and they met with the Virginia Marine Resource Commission (VMRC) and the "Wetlands Group" to walk the land, which is part of the approval process.
    • More information is always available at the County levee website: http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/dpwes/huntingtonlevee/
    • Hoffman property development update (Alan Ruof)
    • The developer will ensure a good transition from their property to the western end of the levee.
    • On the section of the Hoffman property that goes north from Huntington Avenue, beside the existing townhomes, there will be a green space. The developer will install an underground tank there that will serve as a stormwater detention facility; it should provide an extra safety margin in storms.
    • The levee bike trail will continue across the Hoffman property.
    • There is a stream to the west of Fenwick Drive. The developer will put this stream underground to acquire more buildable space. Although this step does improve the drainage behavior and the levee would have handled the drainage in any case, putting this stream underground will reduce the sediment that flows to the levee pumps, which is helpful.
    • In summary, the developer promises to work with the County and cooperate on the levee project.
    • Note: The developer will be required to make additional proffers not related to the levee project.
  6. HCA Committee reports:
    • MVCCA: The Mount Vernon Council of Community Associations (www.mvcca.org):
    • The 23 Sep meeting approved two resolutions (more details below under P&Z):
    • MVCCA support for the Huntington Club amendment to its development plan, removing the 25% commercial requirement.
    • Non-support for a daycare center on Woodlawn Court.
    • Also, MVCCA recognized and thanked Gerry Hyland and Jerry Moran for their years spent in public office.
    • Transportation (Jeff Woodward)
    • Planning and Zoning (Ray Novitske)
    • 1. After some problems emerged with the plans and site of the proposed day care center on Woodlawn Court off Richmond Highway, and after neighborhood opposition, the P&Z Committee voted to oppose the day care center. The site is tight with no drop off turnaround for vehicles except for a K-turn in the parking lot, and traffic on a narrow dead-end street blocking residents in. No traffic light planned at the intersection of Richmond Highway presents problems of vehicles existing Woodlawn Court.
    • 2. The P&Z Committee voted to not oppose a requested change in the proposed redevelopment plan for Huntington Club, allowing less office space. This support was needed quickly due to the schedule of reviews/approvals. It allows the development to proceed without such a large office component. It allows the residential to be spread out more across the site, taking up some space that was planned for office, reducing the amount of high rise construction, and thus lowering the cost of the residential construction. No additional residential is requested - only a reduction in office (due to market conditions.)
    • Environment and Recreation (Alan Ruof)
    • Education (John Syphrit)
    • On October 21 there will be a public meeting on reuse possibilities for the old Mount Vernon High School (now the Islamic Saudi Academy). The meeting will begin at 7pm at the former high school, 8333 Richmond Highway.
    • Public Safety (currently open - we need a representative)
    • Budget and Finance (Alan Ruof)
    • Consumer Affairs (open - we need a representative)
  7. Upcoming events:
    • November:
    • Tuesday, 3 November - State and local elections
    • Thursday, 5 November - monthly meeting
    • Annual board nominations and elections
    • Saturday, 7 November - Proposal for a neighborhood cleanup
    • December:
    • Thursday, 3 December - annual potluck
  8. Other
    • There were nominations for HCA officer positions for 2016. Elections will take place at the November monthly meeting.
    • President: Nomination for David Sears, seconded
    • Vice President: Nomination for Jeff Woodward, seconded
    • Secretary: Nomination for Theresa Woo, seconded
    • Treasurer: Nomination for Harry Shepler, seconded
    • Members will be able to make additional nominations at the November meeting before elections take place.
    • The Police Non-Emergency phone number is: (703) 691-2131
The next HCA monthly meeting will be at 7:30pm on Thursday, November 5. ^ back to top

  September 3, 2015

Huntington Community Association meeting, September 3, 2015
  1. Introductions
    • David Sears, President
    • Jeff Woodward, Vice President
    • Megan Kiel, Treasurer
    • Theresa Woo, Secretary
  2. Administrative business:
  3. 2015 membership fees are $10 per person, please pay Megan Kiel. Make any checks out to HCA.
  4. Various community issues:
    • Update on homicide: According to the latest update from Officer Urps, the homicide looks to have been deliberate and the result of an altercation between the suspect and victim.
    • Crime Solvers Community Shred Event ($5 donation per bag/box)
      • Shredding your personal documents is a great way to help prevent crime, such as identity theft. Our last shred event held on October 4, 2014 securely shredded over 1,000 lbs. of personal documents!
      • Next event: Saturday, September 12, 2015, 9am-12pm, Mt. Vernon District Police Station, 2511 Parkers Lane, Alexandria, VA 22306
    • The Neighborhood Watch
      • James Williams and Apollos Hill have volunteered to be the coordinators.
      • This is a passive watch group. (i.e. "See something? Say something.")
      • To sign up for the Neighborhood Watch or to report suspicious activity, email: Huntington.NW.coordinator@gmail.com
      • Only members who have completed the safety training can participate. Information on the next training session will be posted on the Fairfax County website: http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/oem/citizencorps/nw.htm
      • For events that are life-threatening or immediately damaging to property, Call 9ll
  5. Hoffman property update
    • Lennar has filed a rezoning request for property identified as Fairfax County Tax Map Reference 83- 1 ((1)) 42 and 49A, located at the end of Metroview Parkway. On December 2, 2014, Supervisor Hyland authorized a Comprehensive Plan amendment to consider residential use on this property. The rezoning request will be reviewed concurrent with the Plan amendment. To implement the proposed Plan amendment, Lennar proposes to build 364 units in a 6-story residential building.
    • Guest speaker: Ms. Sara Mariska, real estate lawyer for Lennar Multifamily Communities.
    • The development project is slated for a currently vacant property that is under contract. The rezoning request is to repurpose the property from office use to multi-family units
    • Plans to tie in with the levee project and proposing to pipe the stream on the property underground to deal with overflow issues in the area.
    • Q&A:
    • Where is the property in relation to the levee? It will run right up to it. The property will have a recreation path that will meet up with the path that runs atop the levee
    • Timeline? Start in spring of 2017 with construction to begin in 2019.
    • How high will it be? 6 floors. Currently not zoned for higher unit.
    • What about the grove on trees on the property? How will it effect the neighbors, any buffer? Still working on what to do with the mature trees in the area that would be affected by removing stream. Will try to maintain a reasonable buffer between homes in area
    • What kinds of units? Apartments, not condominiums
    • What about LEED certification? Trying to pursue.
    • What about storm water retention? There are a few areas and pockets on the property with potential for storing storm water. Storm water regulations have recently changed, so will have to be within those regulations
    • Where is the Resource Protection Area (RPA) and what is the floodplain for the property? The RPA will be in the Southeast corridor and the floodplain will depend on the levee project
    • What is in it for Huntington? Helping with drainage in the area, attracting quality residents, beautification of the area, continuation of the levee path, perhaps the addition of a kayak or boat launch
    • What about all of the additional cars and how can you change Metroview to accommodate for extra parking? The new complex will provide 1.3 parking spots per unit. Since the projected project would introduce fewer than 5000 net new trips a day, it does not justify a VDOT investigation.
    • Any plans for retail? No.
    • Why this location? Good price, close proximity to metro
    • Architectural mock-ups will be posted on website as soon as they are available
  6. Huntington Club update
    • Guest speaker: Mr. Ross Irwin
    • Proposing a redevelopment of Huntington Club extending up to metro
    • Currently trying to redesign and work with Hyland<'s office to approve a plan that will redistribute the units on the property in a way to use the space while abiding by the 50% residential/50% office space development clause (2009)
    • Hope to adjust plan to remove two office buildings worth of floor area, reducing it by a quarter. Will allow developers to fully occupy the property. Fewer hi-rises, a more distributed layout. Will make it cheaper to build. Total unit count will increase from 364 to 1900.
    • Timeline: Project to begin in 2018
    • Will return next month with schematics/mock-ups
  7. Levee update
    • July 22nd meeting notes and updates posted to website: faxcounty.gov/dpwes/huntingtonlevee
    • Q&As from community: http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/dpwes/huntingtonlevee/levee-questions-jul-2015.pdf
    • Project Timeline: http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/dpwes/huntingtonlevee/huntington-levee-project-timeline.pdf
    • Currently completing the design and going to review
    • Huntington Park will be gone entirely. Plans to perhaps enhance Farrington Park instead - create "little kid" and "big kid" sections
    • Anyone interested in contributing to the new park discussion, please contact Alan Ruof
    • Lighting in the park: Unfortunately, it looks like there will be no place to install security lights, that would not be removed once construction starts. Will continue to investigate options of increasing lighting in the park in the meantime
    • Next meeting will be in January 2016
      • HCA Committee reports:
        • MVCCA: The Mount Vernon Council of Community Associations (www.mvcca.org):
          No meetings were held in August
        • Planning and Zoning (Ray Novitske)The County Planning and Zoning Department has begun conducting the update to the Comprehensive Plan along Richmond Highway (Plan Amendment 2015-IV-MV1). This update will focus on density required to allow for mass - transit (BRT and Metro). A Citizen Advisory Group has been formed to work with staff throughout this process. Their meetings will be open to the public. While MVCCA does not have a seat at the table we will be sending observers to the meetings.
        • Meeting schedule:
          • August 3, 2015: 3:30-5:30 PM South County Center room 219
          • September 21, 2015: 8:00-10:00 AM location TBD (either SFDC offices or South County Center)
          • For more info: go to the county web site and search under Embark Richmond Highway"
        • Environment and Recreation (Alan Ruof)
          Mt Vernon Country Club trying to fix flooding issues. Will be taking more out of the floodplain
        • Education (John Syphrit)
          No Meeting
        • Next budget meeting: Saturday 12th, 10 am at Mt Vernon High School
        • Public Safety (open - we need a representative)
        • Budget and Finance (Alan Ruof)
          No Meeting
        • Consumer Affairs (open - we need a representative)
        • Transportation (Jeff Woodward)
          No Meeting
      • Other
        • Citizens Advisory Committee - next meeting is Tues, 8 Sep, at 7 pm at Parkers Lane
        • Local resident on Blaine received a notice to remove the community garden in median at the top of Blaine. Indicated that a permit was needed to maintain the property, otherwise VDOT would clear out and bill resident.
        • Trying to apply for a "Covenant of Perpetual Maintenance" permit.
        • David to reach out to Hyland on behalf of community to request an extension and discuss options.
        • Motion was made (and seconded) to vote whether or not to support the permit/petition. Motion passed (13 yeas, 0 nays). HCA will support the application for garden permit
        • Issue of low flying jets. Local resident has written to our representations and will follow-up with progress at next meeting
        • Riverside Apartments is in negotiations to be sold to different company
        • Guest visitor: Officer Carrie Oliver
        • Officer Oliver works with our regular police representative, Officer Robert Urps. She is available to the Neighborhood Watch coordinators just as Urps is.
        • Upcoming event: "Potluck on the Green" Sept 20th, 3-9 - Top of Blaine
        • Police Non-Emergency phone number is: (703) 691-2131
  8. Upcoming events:
    • October: Huntington Club presentation (Mr. Ross Irwin)
    • Neighborhood cleanup, Saturday 3 Oct
    • November: State and local elections on 3 Nov
    • Annual board elections
    • December: Christmas potluck
The next HCA monthly meeting will be at 7:30pm on Thursday, October 1st.
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