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  Trash Regulations

Regular trash should be placed in the county supplied trash carts. Personal metal or plastic containers are allowable as long as they contain a secure lid to keep animals out. Open containers or plastic bags left at the curb are NOT acceptable for regular trash items, since these cannot be adequately secured, they pose a health and animal control problem.

listed below are left in the county supplied blue recycling bins. All recyclable materials can be placed in the same collection bin regardless of material type (plastic, metal, glass or paper). Materials will be collected together in a single collection vehicle and taken to a local recycling facility for processing. Yard debris must be tied, placed in clear plastic bags, or in trash containers without lids, and cannot be placed in the trash carts. When moving, the county supplied blue recycling bin and the gray trash carts remain with the property.

Set-out Times
Trash containers must be stored behind the front of the house, and cannot be placed at curbside for collection earlier than 4:00 pm the day before collection. Our collection day is Tuesday. Collection services are provided on all holidays except Christmas Day. Carts must be removed from the curb by 6:00 am the following day (Wednesday). If trash is set out well in advance of collection, or if containers are left at the curb well after collection, owners may be fined by the county.

Yard Debris
Yard debris is defined as grass clippings, leaves, flowers, mulch, and shrub clippings that can be tied and bundled, or placed in bags or containers. Yard debris must be separated from the regular trash. The trash carts provided by the county are not to be used for yard debris.

In order for collection crews to distinguish it from regular trash, yard debris must be set out in transparent plastic bags, plastic or metal garbage cans with the lids off, or paper yard debris bags. If collection crews cannot distinguish it, it may be collected in the regular trash, or be left at the curbside.

Curbside Recycling
Recycling materials are collected once a week on the same day as trash. The county uses a single stream method to collect recyclables, meaning that all recyclable materials are able to be placed into the same collection bins regardless of material type. Material will be collected together in a single collection vehicle and taken to a local recycling facility for sorting and processing. If the recycling bin is damaged or missing, residents can call to request a new one at 703-802-3322. If any items left in the bins are not acceptable for recycling, the bin contents will not be collected.

Acceptable recycling materials:

Unacceptable materials:

Metal food and beverage cans such as soup cans, tuna cans, pet food cans, juice cans, soda cans. Rinse and empty, but the labels and lids do not need to be removed

Metal items other than cans, paint cans, aluminum foil or pie pans
Newspapers, junk mail circulars, magazines, coupons

Plastic bags, rubber bands, tape
Clear, green, or brown glass beverage or food jars or bottles

Other glass items, vases, drinking glasses, light bulbs, window glass
Plastic Bottles
Plastic bottles and jugs such as milk, soda, water bottles and jugs, shampoo, and detergent bottles

Deli containers, styrofoam containers
Cardboard, corrugated boxes, cereal boxes, shoe boxes. Flatten boxes and cut down to size

Frozen food boxes, milk cartons, hard cover books, plastic food bags, tissues, paper towels, pizza boxes
Complete recycling list

Special Pickups
Certain items will not be picked up with regular trash collection. These will be picked up only after requesting a special pickup from the county by calling 703-802-3322 or contacting their web site. Special pickups are limited to five per year for each address. If you need more than five special collections per year OR if you have an amount of material larger than 12 cubic yards, you may use the MegaBulk program. MegaBulk allows customers who generate materials outside the norm of the regular special collection program. Special pickup items are required for:

  • Brush
    Brush means shrubs/tree limbs, under six inches in diameter and under six feet in length with no pieces weighing more than 50 pounds. Also, large quantities of yard debris which cannot be tied or bundled, or which do not fit into plastic bags or containers are considered as brush

  • Freon
    Freon containing appliances are those such as refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers or window air conditioning units.

  • Metal Appliances
    Appliances and other metal items - such as stove, washer, dryer, metal shelves, metal doors, etc

  • Bulk Material
    Bulk means household items generally not completely made of metal such as couches, chairs or lumber. These items may be no longer than six feet in length. (No Freon or propane cylinders).
Collection crews are required to take these materials to different locations for processing. Metal for recycling, brush for grinding up for mulch, Freon appliances for Freon removal, bulk for other disposal. Your separation of these materials at the curbside is required to make this process work. Special collection items mixed together will not be collected.

Not Collected
The following materials are not collected curbside: dirt, stones, stumps, rocks, bricks, unbagged animal waste, shingles, drywall, asbestos, floor tiles, concrete, glass windows, sliding glass doors and sheets of glass. These items can severely damage county equipment. If you set out trash containing even a small amount of any of these materials, collection will not occur. These materials may be taken to a county Landfill and disposed of for a fee.
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  Noise Ordinance

The county noise ordinance forbids excessive noise from musical instruments, radios, stereos, televisions, as well as disturbances from barking dogs, large gatherings of people, and other loud noises creating a nuisance. To violate the ordinance, the sound must be clearly audible across property lines or through adjacent partitions. Loading and unloading trucks, construction activities and operation of construction equipment, and repairing vehicles is prohibited from 9:00 pm to 7:00 am. Barking dogs, loud music, loud parties are prohibited from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am.

Report violations to the Zoning Enforcement office at 703-324-1300 between 8 am and 4:30 pm. Complaints at all other hours can be made by calling the Police non-emergency telephone number, 703-691-2131.
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  Automobile and Parking Regulations

County Personal Property Tax for Cars
Automobiles, trucks, vans, motor homes, boats, motorcycles, campers, and trailers are taxed by the county while they are lodged in the county, for the amount of time they are kept here. The tax is based on the value of the vehicle.

All vehicles kept in the county requires a valid registration sticker. A windshield decal sticker showing proof of registration is required and cost $25 each year. To register your car, call the Central Tax Office at 703-222-8234. Registration can be done through the mail. Residents paying the tax can anonymously report vehicles evading the tax by calling 703-324-3767 and can leave a message at any time.

Resident Parking Permit
To prevent commuters from parking in our neighborhood, Fairfax County requires residential parking stickers for all cars parked on the street. Each street address in Huntington may receive up to 2 permanent stickers and one guest permit. To receive a sticker, new residents must apply in person at the Fairfax County Department of Transportation, telephone 703-324-1100. Two documents showing proof of residence for each vehicle is needed to obtain a sticker, which is free.

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